Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pictures from Nov 9, 2015

so here are just a few selfies . .and stuff I thought it would be cool through my sun glasess to have you know a cool effect it kinda worked a little bit! I like them!(: jej  hope you enjoy!(: 

  Here is a selfie and also my companion something for me cumple año! (: she's so nice right??(: jeje!
I know it wasn't perfect but it sure did taste good!(: and as well so BLACK FRIDAY came to CHILE so crazy! but just in lider (Walmart) so funny saw so many people walking out with flat screen tvs but it went on for like the whole weekend here so awesome right??(: jeje so awesome! 
 okay so my companion made me pancakes for my year mark she's so nice right??(: and yeah then there is the pizza that we made and it was kinda really good! I enjoyed it at least! I
 So we have almost matching mission sweatshirts awesome right?(: 

 And here was the final product of our door . .and can I tell you a secret its still there . . (: we probably should make it Christmas or something right??(: but you know thats life right??(: also we bought food for the month awesome right??(: also we stickynoted someones car it was a part familys car . . can I tell you they loved it!!(: 
okay here is me knocking on a door behind my sunglasses again!(: awesome!
me cutting Hermana ANDES hair!(: so great right! it was pretty awesome I didn't take the after picture but you know whatever works as well here was our little thanksgiving dinner we all chipped in and it was awesome! doesn't it look great right??(: 
also me just sitting in a fancy couch in a fancy apartment building . .  you know living the life! 

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