Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 7, 2015 just another awesome week[:

Hey guys
 So this week was a good week like all weeks because I get to serve in the service of the Lord I have such a big privilege but you know sometimes its harder than other days but I love it here so much I am learning so much being able to share my testimony and help these people here accept Christ in there lives its so awesome I love it

So like I was saying there are some days better than others so this week wasn't let me say the best week but like we did help people come unto Christ. We did there was just one day that we didn't enter any house and I felt I'm sure a little as did Christ as he walked and people denied him not that anyone denied us or even was rude it was just that no doors were opened to us and I mean it happens and we went home with tired feet, but like a movie says when we win we praise him and when we loose we still praise him. We thank him for the opportunity we had to play the game that he had given us. I am so grateful for this time I have here to be a missionera to serve on the Lords team. It is such a privilege to be here and to help my brothers and sisters come to Him even when it just comes from talking to someone in the street, and smiling I know that the little things are helping these people here I know it and I love it.

So this week we got to visit with people that we hadn't for a while, and it is so amazing to see that they are willing to listen and try to change there perspective because in reality its hard for someone to see things in a different way .  but its so amazing this time that I have here with all of the thousands of missionaries who are serving all over the world to be a missionary and to help these people come unto Christ .I'm in love with this country here that about a year ago I had never visited. I cant believe has become such a big change and part of my life its so amazing to be here and to help these people come unto Christ and learn that fairytales exists families can be forever and that Christ does help. I love it[: 

I know that God lives and loves us so much and I hope that you guys can know for your selves the same that He does live and love every single one of his children no matter where you are and whats happened, he is all forgiving and all loving and I hope that you guys can have a awesome week and know that the atonement works[: love you guys tons and hope you guys have a awesome week
love you guys tons
con mucho amor
hermana Birlyn Willden

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