Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just some more pictures! Nov. 23, 2015

 And here is some pictures of Antofagasta! and the beach that I missed. . but you know its fine!° (: also I bought a new dress! Its so awesome thank you I like it! its from Ecuador! well the store was so yeah I think its pretty!(: so I used it for the conefrence!(: but yeah!(: 


kay here are some pictures of hermana Sotec and her companions! So yeah that was cool! Also there is our bedroom and us in the bus station waiting for the bus to come eating lunch!(: and yeah so that was that so fun!(: 

 And here are just the bus station out the window in Antofa! so cool!(: also this is us in the bus in the afternoon! with the Hermanas from caldera! so yeah that was a fun 8 hour bus ride!(: it was a bus full of Sisters and Elders and so funny! The sisters were singing and it kinda felt like girls camp a bit but you know it was fun!(: the Hermanas are awesome!(: 
 well here is a picture of me with a big present box we are getting ready for christmas! I know thanksgiving hasn't past but yeah!(: its still awesome to be happy for christmas still right?(: jeje well I hope you all have a awesome day and know that I love you guys!(:

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