Thursday, December 10, 2015


Okay bueno so the truth is they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but that's okay we ate pizza and yeah it was yummy!  Also we spent  3 mil maybe us dollars its 5 dollars on a little mini Christmas tree and its super cute we decorated it and everything for Christmas. It was super cute and stuff Ill send you pictures in a minute don't even worry!  So tiny I like it though so awesome!  

Also this week we worked with members probably more than I have ever in my mission but it was so awesome I could see the difference in the day because we had 5 of our investigators in the church this week.

Story so well what happened was that we were walking like two months ago when I first got here to this area and we were walking and a family asked us if they could take us home and we usually say no but we saw and felt like it would be fine to take a ride from there family and it was awesome because they just live two stories above our apartment justo!  So awesome right and we then went to talk to them and they accepted us in there house and it went well and all but they never said yes to coming to church then one day we went to visit their family with a member and it went so well they said they would be follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptised and they said they would for sure come to church on Sunday! We then visited them again with the same member and they were still set on for coming to church! And it was so awesome because they always made up excuses. So Sunday came along and we knocked on there door on our way to church and they said they were running a little bit late but they would come. We kinda felt a bit discouraged and we it was 10 and they called and said we are here!  So we walked out and they all came in and stayed for all three hours of church. It was AWESOME I know that really when we pray with faith and do all we can and serve God that he will bless us! They were excited to come to church and said they would come next week! I know that when we do our part that God will bless us! 

Temperature alert yeah its kinda hot here . . and they say its not summer yet so crazy but the people here are worth it! So yeah also its pretty still awesome here in Chile and I am doing good I am loving it the language is still coming along!  And I know that with God all is possible!  I love serving here in Copiapo Chile its so pretty here and I know that there are lots of people here waiting for me and my compi to come along and teach them ! The work is good here and we are finding and teaching and I know without a doubt that through God all things are possible if we just believe!  I am sure that Jesus Christ died for us so that we can go back to live with our families forever and so we can live in the presence of God again!  I love you guys so much and hope that you guys can have a awesome week! 

Thanks for all your prayers they help really a lot!  Thanks for all you guys do for me you guys are the best!  Hope you guys have a awesome week and never forget that you guys are amazing! 
with lots of love
Hermana Birlyn Willden

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