Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pictures June 8, 2015

  Here are some more selfies for you guys! This is our room that we sleep in! Its pretty big! 
And here is me and here is a picture of our sector or area! Its pretty huge if you were wondering!!!!!

 here is me and my companion here in Antofagasta she is pretty awesome she lets me take selfies with her so thats awesome right?? This is us just before we went to bed! 
 Here is me reading the Book of Mormon in the sand in Iquique! its pretty awesome there I miss it! but I can read the same book here in Antofagasta! haha
 Okay so this is Me and Hermana Andes she is from Lehi Utah and we went to High School together and as well we worked at JCWS together .It was pretty awesome to see her for just a second on Monday she is awesome! I love her!
Here is me just sitting waiting for my companion to finish writing all of her million of friends that she has(; haha yeah but thats that!

Just my first week in Antofagasta! June 9, 2015

Okay so this week was awesome I was transfered to antofagasta the burrio las rocas and I think that it is the biggest ward in the mission we have 3 sets of missionaries serving in the ward and its super huge and my companion doesn't know all the people here and she has only been here for 3 months so yeah that's the super crazy part about the ward! it really is huge but I know I will get to know the people here and my love for these people will grow so much I love it here! its' so awesome to serve in the work of the Lord!

Okay so this week on Monday I went to Antofagasta and I left a lot of people that I love but I know that through God that I will see them again someday! This week we walked a lot this sector is really big I will send you a picture but it is all the way to the end of Antofagasta well kinda yeah well I cant really explain it in words i'll just tell you that it is super duper big! 

Okay so I was reading in the book of Mormon in Alma 43 I think that's the chapter but I learned something awesome about our agency that it is a bigger gift than we may think that if Adam never took of the forbidden fruit we would be stuck we wouldn't ever be able to grow and learn. So I learned we just need to accept that things being hard isn't a good thing its a gift a really big gift because if we didn't have that life would be too easy and we would be stuck not being able to have eternal life ever, and that is the purpose of this life. That God gave us that we can have eternal life that is why right now what we may be suffering. Just think and say thank you for this trial thank you I know it may seem a lot easier said than done but honestly if I could share one thing I learned this week it would be that we can really take that into heart and act upon it be happy with the hard times and grow from them! 

thank you for being such an amazing familia and all that you guys do for me always you guys really are so amazing and such amazing examples to me like really you couldn't even imagine how big of examples you are for me i love you guys soooo much 

my companion her name is Hermana Caballero (ka- by- er-o) and she is super amazing i love her so much and know that God put me with her here for a reason she has the same time in the mission as i do well she has 1 week more because yeah i guess she is cool! well 
that is that I hope that you always remember that God loves you guys so much and he always hears and answers our prayers! he knows us and he cries with us when we do and he is super happy when we are!

I hope you guys have an awesome week and remember always that I love you and so does our Heavenly Father!
te amo muchesemo 
hermana Birlyn Willden

te amo!  

More pictures!

 and this is me and my compenera infront of the sign! (: 
 And then this is me and Fernanda my cute little friend who got baptized on Saturday! she has the spirit with her so strong! i love her she gave me the biggest hug goodbye(: 
 and this is me with the Familia Garcia! they are the funniest kids! they are pretty awesome they cooked us lunch yesterday, and it was amazing!
And the last one is me and Fransico and Matis and they are also the Familia Garcia! Fransico reminds me so much of Logan I know he doesn't look like him or even close but his personality we even have a secret handshake(: I love this family they are pretty amazing! 
  Me and lLoreto and Maria Egnasia she is just so cute! She reminds me of Londyn when she was little and she is also the only baby here with blue eyes so pretty!
  Me and jimmy Jennifer and Amy(: 

Then the other two are of our baptism when Fernanda was baptized it was pretty amazing the spirit was super strong! 
  here is just me on the beach trying to do a hand stand and yeah . . well it didn't work out very well
 this is our district and because the Hermanas always sit on chairs we tried to change it up a little bit and it worked it just was kinda weird but yeah this is my old district! and then here is me and my comp i bought this shirt and its pretty awesome it says IQUIQUE on it and so yeah I love it so there is that! and i really do love it so much! Im sure you guys will love it as well!(:  We went to eat out at a restaurant under our apartment and it was super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: like really!

Just the last week in IQUIQUE June 1, 2015

Okay well today is going to be kinda short so yeah we have transfers this week ,and I am going to be transferred to Antofagasta so i am super excited to meet all of the people there it should be awesome!

So this week I had to say goodbye to a lot of people close to my heart and it was really hard especially because  I am not very good at expressing my feelings in Spanish but I know that God will protect us when we are doing his will and that I know the people probably have helped me and my testimony than I may have helped them I just know that if we do the will of God that we will be okay and i know that through God that all things are possible.

Also this week we had a baptism the cute little Fernanda was baptised and honestly it took so much time and a lot of missionaries for her to be baptised but honestly it was amazing her spirit is so strong and I know that she will grow up to be someone so amazing she is right now! I know that through Baptism that we can really be clean and if we continue to renew our baptismal covenant that we will continue to be blessed !

Thank you for all of you guys and your examples to me I am so excited to see all the people I can help in Antofagasta! Thank you so much for you guys and your examples I know that through God really anything is possible that we just need to believe in it and it may be a little hard but honestly its so true! 

Like really though thank you for your examples to me and your testimonies that you guys have shared with me you guys really are pretty amazing! 

Please have the best week and enjoy everything don't forget about me and I hope that you all know I love you guys! 
con amor 
Hermana Birlyn Willden

more pictures May 25, 2015

Here are just my awesome model pictures on the beach hahah I hope you like them (: it was fun to take them!

 Me studying then the dog came to interrupt my studying haha I love it!
this is so great!
 the second one is that we cant go swimming so good we really can't
Me and Hermana Maldonado and yeah she is pretty awesome I love her!!!!!(: hah

 Well here are just a few pictures from the beach I hope you enjoy them my companion found a dead jelly fish so thats kind of gross but whatever awesome! The beach was definitely worth waiting for the winter to visit! 
(; haha but really i hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

May 25, 2015

Well this week was pretty awesome like all of the weeks here! we just are enjoying the last moments here we went on companionship exchanges with the Hermana leaders and it went awesomely! It was pretty cool I enjoyed it a lot and learned so much. But yeah that is that I learned more Spanish and that sometimes its harder to turn to a companion that doesn't speak English and ask for a word because she didn't know English so there is that but also that it totally is possible and that I do know more Spanish than i thought that I did! so that's pretty awesome!

On Monday we had a noche de hogar and it was awesome because we had the spirit there with us and the son of Hermana Garcia shared a scripture and he shared his testimony, and it was so awesome that he has learned so much from seminary. He said that school was actually easier when he started going to seminary so that was pretty awesome to see! I love it here the view is beautiful and I know that through God all things are possible and that we can do all things if we put all of our faith in God her will always help us! 

This week in church we learned about how when we keep the commandments that we will see blessings ,and that a commandment is to love ourselves and its kinda hard because of anyone we see all that we do wrong and everything but I know that through God we can do anything and that we can even love ourselves. I know this for a fact that if we love ourselves it will be easier to love others, and we don't have to be like cocky about it but if we love our weaknesses and our faults than it will be that much easier to serve others! I know this with all my heart! That we can do anything if we just believe in ourselves so yeah! iIlove you guys and hope that you have a awesome week! I love you guys so much and I'll let you know if I change my sector next week so yeah I love you guys have so much fun in Disney land!

and remember this
you are awesome 
God doesn't make mistakes 
just remember that!
te amo mucho 
hermana Birlyn WIllden