Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27, 2015 pictures

 Well here is a picture of me and a building that is a theater i think but it looks pretty cool so I needed a picture of course!
 Here are some pictures in the Centro de Iquique! Its very awesome here and so we decided to take some awesome pictures so yeah! I hope thank you enjoy them because it really is beautiful here! I love it! It reminds me of Europe! well kinda well its different because I understand them here! haha(: 

 Okay well here is a picture of me and another one 
but Im eating Ice cream and in the dress of chile in a shopping cart and I don't remember why but yeah that is that I hope you enjoy me being silly and yeah(; 

Just another week in the life of a missionary April 27, 2015

Okay well this week was pretty awesome well yeah! okay so its so amazing to see the affect that we make on someones life. So this experience happened like a month ago but still I just remembered so yeah so me and Hermana Veiga contacted pretty much everyone because we opened this sector here right? Yeah well we talked to a .lot of people. Then one day me and my comp now were in a elevator visiting someone there and there was a member and of course he said what church are you guys from? And he said ohh I am mormon and we were like where do you live and he gave us his apartment number okay .. then we went to visit and he wasn't there but we just continued with our day like normal we then were walking back to our apartment and there was someone in there car saying elders elders elders and we continued to walk like no one said anything and they stopped the car in this moment we were really scared well at least I was and he said hi elders! When are you guys going to come visit me and then he said come tomorrow at 8 okay so of course we went right? Well we went and I recognized the girl but I didn't remember from where.. . I just recognized her so yeah we had been teaching them for 2 weeks and she had her book of Mormon and in the book of Mormon she had a card that me and Hermana Veiga had given her and I asked did I give that to you and she said yeah ..and then in this moment I realized that she was more comfortable inviting us into her house because she had spoken to us before. We didn't get her address but now we are visiting her and learning what she needs and it may not have been the way we thought but I can see that talking to everyone the blessing of this are so amazing! I love it so much and most people may just say its a coincidence but no I know God guided us in this and that through God all things are possible! I know that if you do what he asks always you may not see the blessings right now but you will see them you just need to put your faith in him in every moment thank you so much for all you guys do for me you guys are so amazing thank you really I hope you guys know that I know this church is true and that through Christ and through God I know all things are possible we just need to put our faith in him like all of it! I hope you guys have a awesome week and that everything goes awesome and remember how much I love you guys! never forget it okay!!!!!!!!!!!
te amo mucho! 
hermana Birlyn WIllden

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pictures April 20, 2015

  Here is me and Hermana Rojas(: she is pretty awesome so I had to take a picture with here right??(: well beuno! 
 Well here is the picture with the familia García right before there baptisim! Well and the other is our silly face one I guess! (: but I hope that you guys enjoy these becauseIi do! (: 

Pictures for April 20, 2015

 Here is just another selfie because I enjoy taking selfies and such they are pretty awesome! ha ah! But really kinda awesome! Haha and my district just another photo but elder rieveros es loco en esta foto but yeah bueno! I hope you enjoy it!

 Just me about to eat a lot of food and the street that we always walk down its so beautiful i love it! Thank you for all you guys do for me you guys are so so amazing I love you so much!!

April 20, 2015

Okay well this week the familia García was baptised and fue tan bacan! the spirit was there so strong! I know that they truly were ready and that I could feel there spirit with us there so strong!
well this week was kinda long because we were getting everything ready for the baptism and stuff which was a lot more work than I thought that it would be but went awesomely!

Okay also this week I learned that I need to have more confidence in myself that through God I can do everything. I need to do here that he can work through me and that I can do all things that the atonement of Christ is not only for our sins, but to have strength the strength to do all things to have strength for me to speak to not be afraid. It really is kinda a little hard for me because I have always been quiet and have always been like this I guess, but yeah I know that I can do all things through the atonement of JesuCristo I can do all things and that I will be able to do all things to have the spirit with me through all things, I just need to keep pushing forward, letting God do all he needs me to do and speaking with the mouth he gave me with the voice and all I know that through God all things are possible we just need to believe in Him!

Thank you for all that you guys do and for your spirit always here with me. I just want you guys to have the same testimony I do of Christ! And turn to Him give everything to Him because HE WILL HELP YOU! I have learned this more that ever in the last few months so crazy! I love it here so much I love being able to recognize the spirit so strong and everything its the best! 

I hope that you guys all have such an amazing week and remember that we are children of a loving God and our Heavenly Father and he will do all things for us, we just need to put our faith in him. I love you guys so much thank you for everything you have always done for me.
Thank you for your prayers and for all of your faith in me. I know that all is possible we just need to turn ourselves completely to him and he will help you. I know he will if you pray with sincerity with a willingness to act on your answer i know he will I know that!

I have learned this here 

Thank you so much for all you guys do for me and I hope that your week is full of amazing experiences. I love you guys please never forget that 

te amo mucho 
su hija 
umm tota!
I love you 
hermana Birlyn WIllden (:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015 pictures

  Also just the Hermanas if you were wondering we are pretty cool I think with our photos and such! 
 okay and here is just another selfie in el baño . . so yeah 

 okay well I made the muffins you guys sent me so here is just a picture so you remember that I love them and you guys 
 okay and this was today and just me standing here looking crazy but everyday I want a picture here  
 okay here is my zone and the zone confrence with president! and also just the hermanas if you were wondering we are pretty cool i think with our fotos and such! 
ohh and here is loreto y angelo they had the chance to bless there baby sunday so they wanted a foto with us so i needed the foto as well right? well i am kinda awkward in this foto but all is good i hope you guys enjoy my fotos because i always send alot i think! haha i love you guys!

April 6, 2015 pictures

 I'm sorry just one more la view! well I know you guys were wondering what my view was like so here is just a photo for you guys to enjoy!(; 

I love you guys again and hope your week is awesome!!
te amo!
 Okay well here are two photos for you guys! we made brownies for a noche de hogar with Loreto and so here is a photo with our brownies and the other is the easter gift our hermana leaders made for us for easter so yeah muy bacan cierto? haha! 

 And here is my comp and her birthday cake she made for herself . . its not that I didn't want to make it it is that she insisted on making it for herself . . so I made her breakfast special! and I hope she enjoyed it! Ha Ha

and here is my favorite thing in the scriptures well in El Libro de mormon so I thoughtIi would share it with you! It truly is amazing this! 

 And here is a selfie with our apartment building que bacan! haha I like this selfie a lot so yeah there is that and yeah. . haha I hope you guys enjoy it as well because its pretty cool right? Okay well I hope so!

more March 30, 2015

 I hope you enjoy my face in all my pictures I think that my face is always the best! hahah I love you guys thank you for all you do for me you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
te amo mucho!!

March 30, 2015

 here are some awesome picture of the view again and me! I hope you enjoy I love you guys your the best!!!
te amo!

 Okay well here are the rest I try to take picture because yeah I guess maybe you guys enjoy receiving them but I love you guys and really hope you guys have a muy bacan week because you guys are awesome thank you for your spirit and all you do for me I love you guys so much thank you for everything I love you guys!!

march 23, 2015 pictures

 Okay and I really did color my companion's hair . . hahah so funny but I know that she is awesome and that we can do all things when we both focus on the Lord and his work!!
Really guys thank you for all that you guys always have done and are doing for me you guys always help me become a better person thank you so much for your prayers and all you guys really are the best!! I love you guys so much and hope all goes well for you this week!! Have the best week ever! I love you guys so much keep staying awesome and being the best people you can be!
I love you guys and have a awesome week!
te amo mucho!!
hemana Birlyn Willden
 well here are some photos, one of my feet. . because they are awesome and such and the other of my amurso . . I made it! hahah and it was very good!
(; but really it was good!

 Well here is a Photo of me in the morning! with awesome glasses and such also our vista today!! hahah I still will never get tired of our view I love it here so much it is so amazing like really though it is so awesome here! I really love it! and yeah! THANK YOU  for everything you guys do you guys are so amazing also thank you for your example that you always are for me you guys inspire me everyday I love you guys so much thank you so much!
con mucho amor!
te amo mucho!
hermana Willden 

April 13, 2015
Okay so this week was awesome like every week I forgot to tell you I think but I ate the fruit of a cactus like 3 months ago and it was really good. . 
Another thing we were having the interviews for the family that is getting baptised  so we were with them kinda getting to know them better and I taught them to do that snapping thing with my hands i don't have any idea how I can explain it but yes that thing and they learned how and now every time they see me they start doing it so awesome! as well the so he is 15 and he said that my eyes are like a pool and then his mom said Gracia's romeo . . ha ha I have never received that complement before but cool I guess my eyes are like the pool . .
Okay and so this week was pretty amazing I loved it so much learned a lot about how to teach and how to continue to teach and be better at it! we had alot of lessons . . like more that I have ever had before! 19 lessons total this week so yeah . . anyways I learned alot.

ummm I am doing awesome if you guys were wondering life is awesome here! Our investigators are progressing like they all want to here what we have to tell them and it is pretty awesome I love teaching people who want to here and want the change in there lives this is truly amazing! Our investigator who knocked on our door wants to be baptized she asked if she could this week but she needs to attend the church 2 times before so we said that she could 25 de Abril I think that is when and she came to church she really is a very big miracle in our lives and she speaks English so that's pretty crazy!

I know that through God all things are possible we just need to pray with faith with real faith because he knows if it is real or no so if we pray with faith he will answer us we just need to give it our all and he will help us, and he will give us his all if we give him our all! And my favorite quote from conference is a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying because en verdad es verdedero it is the truth and we just need to keep trying and I know through God all things are possible thank you for all your prayers and all the things you guys do for me you guys really are so amazing!

I hope you're week really is awesome and amazing things happen 
te amo 
su hermana amiga compeñera hija sobrina todas
hermana Birlyn Willden 
April 6, 2015
Okay well guys this week was pretty awesome so me and my comp always speak to each other in Spanish like always because honestly it is the best way to actually know the language, so we do and we were just talking and a old man came up to us and asked do you guys always speak in Spanish to each other? And we looked at him and said yes o Si ha ha and then he said oh well good that's good and why are you guys here? And we than continued to explain why we are here and ended up giving him El libero De Mormon and he said I will read this! He didn't give us his address solemente promised us that he would read it and that was pretty amazing!

and I learned so much from the conference!! That marriage is important and that we need to stand up for everything that we believe no matter how hard it is if we know that it is right we need to stand up for it because we know for a fact who is going to be here for us and who in the end will show us the way even if it is the hardest way I know that if we try our best to do everything that we know is right he will help us with the rest! I loved listening to the conference it was so amazing to hear the words inspired of God. So amazing I cant use words to explain the feelings and emotions that I felt the spirit was there so strong the first thing that I have listened to in only English for a long time so that was pretty bacon! or awesome! I know that God is always here for us it doesn't matter where we are where we have been and the things we have been through! I know that God is always on our side when we stand up for those things that we believe we just need to show people!

I have been having a hard time with the language but I have been praying a lot about how I can become better with it so people can understand what I am saying and 3 or 4 different people told me this week that my Spanish is getting a lot better and really was a unsaid answer to one of my prayers. that really helped me and I realized maybe I just need to be more patient with myself because I know it will come with time but the hard part is the time sometimes we just want it all now! And we cant just have it all now somethings well actually most things are better if we wait it is like having a cake in the oven and you take it out early will it be ready? No it wont because you didn't give it enough time that is like me learning this idioma.
Its here inside of me I just need to work on it slowly and it will come and every second is more and more ready its just the point that needs to be finished cooking. I'm sorry that was kinda a cheesy kinda awkward analogy but its true with everything it takes work to make it finished not just one second for all things!

I know that through God all things are possible we just need to believe in him and work through things to make it work! life is hard I know but I also do know that when God is on our side that anything is possible we just need to give it all to him! I love you guys so much thank you for everything that you do for me you guys are so amazing I love you so much thank you for everything and for the love of you guys I know you guys are doing awesome and hope that you continue to be doing awesome! I love you guys para siempre and hope everything is awesome I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have the best week ever!
confrence was awesome!
te amo muchesemo!
su hermana,amiga, hija
hermana Birlyn Willden

Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 16, 2015

 Okay well this is me and one of our investigators houses Angala! she made us Bolivian food so awesome!! hahah umm as well a photo of me y me compenera in the elevator she doesn't like photos I don't thing but that will change soon because I do!(; haha and yes!! 
I love you guys are so awesome!!

Okay and here is the view again as always hahah but I think it looked especially amazing last night! Well I hope that your guys week goes awesome you guys are so amazing and hope you guys enjoy the view with me you are so amazing I love you guys keep up the good work you guys are amazing I love you guys so much and just love sharing the view with you!

te amo mucho!
hemana birlyn Willden 
I love you guys!!

March 9, 2015

 Chao hermana Viega! Brasil awaits! 
well I know she will do amazing things in her house she is so awesome don't even worry!

well I love you guys so much I will tell you how things go next week you are so amazing I love you guys so much! keep pushing forward! I love you guys

keep praying and I know everything will work out for the best you guys are amazing all the love 

from chile to my home I love you guys keep pushing forward with all your trust in Him! I love you guys!

with a lot of love 
hemana Birlyn Willden
 I met Dakoda's companion! Here is proof! hahah Dakoda he was so excited he said you always talked about me . . its okay because me and my companions always talk about you guys! hahah I love you guys so much you are so amazing! haha it was so cool to meet him and to understand him! I know through God all things are possible! 

umm we had to take a photo here because its pretty funny 
love exsist because you exsist!
hahah love exsists because God exsists I know through all things his love is the strongest! 
I love you guys so much you are all so amazing!!! I love you guys!

March 2, 2015

Just french toast as always!! hahah and my favorite fruit ever!!

 Just the view and a selfie!! I hope you guys have a amazing week! I know that through God all things are possible that the view is beautiful but the spirit always with us is better! Thanks for being such an amazing family and loving me so much you guys are really amazing and I really do love you guys so much you guys are really amazing I love you so much and really hope you have the best week you guys are truly amazing I love you! enjoy the view and selfie

I love you guys so much keep on pushing forward!! I love you so much!! 
have a good week 
hermana Birlyn Willden

Our family night went awesome!! We made the cookies!! Hahah so good! i know that with God all things are possible that with faith we may have all things! This family is awesome and they shared there evening with us one of them isn't a member and one isn't active! so this week went very well I know that through God all things are possible! this picture reminds me when we tried to take a family selfie on dad phone . . hahah I love you guys you are so amazing I love you!