Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fotos!:) 14.3.2016

                                             me and Hna Sotec en our intercambios(: jeje 

                                            more with me and Hna Sotec! and a awesome family!(: 

 and here are the baptism fotos! so awesome she was so happy!(: and lots of people came to see this amazing experience of hers(: 

 My feet again are changing colors so weird but I love it now they got a line down the middle emily also her hair is just so cute I love it(: yeah and here are some more pictures of me and her because she's just so cute(: her mom was just sitting behind us but didn't wanna be in the pic but so cute(: so thats all my pictures for this week  hope you enjoy them!(: and have a awesome week I love you guys!(: 

                                                           me in front of the Calama sign 


o this week we couldn't have a baptism like last week but that doesn't mean that we don't have miracles!(: jeje so yeah this week on sunday we could have the confirmation and the sister who was baptized this last week and it was so awesome!(: I know that God is always here with us in the work so something awesome we did this week is called el rescate the rescue in English. . yeah and its pretty awesome because all the missionaries of Calama got together and we all went on divisions splits with the members of the ward that we were working in so its like missionary force in full power and its awesome because we found new people less actives and everything and we could clean up the list of members that we have so that was pretty awesome to work with that(: and to see the importance with working with members because they help so much! I cant explain it to you but the testimony of a member is the key to teaching a good lession!(: 

SO this week we could also see lots of changes in our sector and how we could better focus on the work and work with members and we are trying our best! and its really helping! I can see the difference in the lessions! 

also I got a chance to go on splits with a return missionary and she was super awesome and excited for the work it gave me more excitement to go out and work! I know that with God all things are possible(:

so yeah like always I learn something every week! so this week I could learn how important it is to share my testimony and that if we don't know what to say just to testify of Christ because that is what we know without a doubt that he lives and that he loves us so much it is pretty much the coolest to know that and to know that through him we can live with our families again!(: after this life so precious this concept!(: i know that we can live with our families after this life and that it will be hard but its worth it! the mission is not the easiest thing I've done but i know with out a doubt that i wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't chosen to come here and to listen the the promptings of the spirit that told me i needed to come here! I know without a doubt that God lives and that he loves us so much and that through him all is possible the atonement of Christ made it possible so that we can return to live with him again! i know this and learn more about how we can apply it in our daily lives I love you guys so much and hope you don't forget it! I love you guys and hope that you have a awesome week and don't forget what you know!(: I love you guys tons! hope y'all have a awesome week! you guys are awesome with all the love FROM ME TO YOU(: 
hermana bIRLYN wiLLDEN(: 

fotos 21.3.2016

 yeah here is my prep for a talk . . haha so fun! study time like crazy I guess!(: also me and the little girls of less active members they are pretty awesome! They are preparing to get baptized! 

                                          more pics with the girls and our zone!(: 
                                  ahh yeah and our dinner!(: so awesome love it!(: and here are the sisters!°(:from our zone!(: 

And also Rosa and her kids so cute(: yeah my companion took this picture so this is us learning to cook while this hna made us lunch(: so fun to eat with members and those are my pictures for this week sorry now 100 but Ill be sure to take more this next week and still the ones from my companion!(: well I love you guys and hope you enjoy these for now(: 


Ye ha so this week!(: this week was awesome we did lots of things crazy and fun but yeah so Monday we didn't do very much just wrote you guys and all that fun stuff but it was cool and all and then this week on Tuesday like always here we have like a ward family home evening and it was cool and all and we also got a new ward mission lider and he is cool because is so excited for the work he got home like about a year ago so crazy but cool he is awesome and has awesome plans to help the work grow so awesome! (: 

Also this week we had intercambios and everything with Hna Socta and hna Crum and I got to go with hna Sotec so crazy to go on intercambios with a ex companion . . so weird but we had fun I think she did we had one lession but it was a bit interesting but i loved it so fun to remember how it was when we were companions so crazy but yeah that was cool! a cool interesting experience! but yeah! and on Saturday we had a baptism and it was so awesome the experience Ofnelly and her baptism was unforgettable the experience with this baptism I will never forget the words she spoke she bared her testimony and I from her on out think its the best when they bare there testimony its so awesome and she shared her thoughts and felt so clean it was awesome to be able to see that I loved it!!
Also on Sunday yesterday we had stake conference and they talked a whole lot about how we need to keep the Sabbath day holy and it was cool because the stake president talked and he shared the importance of working with the missionaries and the new card that came out aleluya I don't know what its called in English but yeah its super awesome i love it! but i just saw it for the first time so yeah you guys should watch it because its awesome I love it!(: jeje but yeah! its pretty awesome I know that with God all things are possible and it talks about Easter and how through Christ we may be redeemed from our sins so awesome i love it so much and I know that Christ lives and loves us so much!!!(: I know through him all things its so cool i love the gospel of Jesus Christ its so awesome! thanks for all you guys do and I hope that you guys have a awesome week wqit lots of fun and stuff!(: I love you guys tons!!(: love 
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pictures 3/7/2016

 us last week at the baby shower and me taking selfies because my arm is the longest!(; jeje so funny(: 

 us at the baby shower and stuff(:

 yeah and here is us cleaning the church this week and me in a jacket of the University of Chile I think(: but its like the U of Utah(: jeje so yeah thats cool(

 yeah baby shower for Javiera! and me cutting hair in the noche de hogar also our district foto!(: 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 7, 2016

Yeah so I'm still here loving the mission and all! this week was awesome we could have a family home evening and I could cut the hair of 5 people . . so yeah after that I was tired but it was fun to practice cutting the hair of everyone and everything it was pretty cool I enjoyed it I learned if someone knows I can cut hair everyone would want me to cut there hair, but I just went to cute the sisters hair and I ended cutting her hair the other Hermana and the 2 kids and the husband of the sister so yeah kinda crazy but I love it! its what I love doing so why not??(: so yeah that's the service I offered this week then later i cut another girls hair so yeah it was a fun week! but in the family home evening the hno could share his testimony and really helped me to know how crazy and how we need to take advantage of having a temple close because they talked about how important it is to have goals to go to the temple and its kinda crazy because we are so lucky to have a temple so close that we could go everyday if we want to obviously we don't always have time its just that someone told the story about how a man traveled so far and didn't get to enter the temple but how happy he was that he could spent the afternoon on temple grounds so awesome to know that its so special what we can do in the temple but how strong the spirit is just outside of the temple(: its so amazing I love the temple!! 

So yeah as well this week something I learned is that if we give our all to God that he will put that  part that helps us become who he needs us to be so crazy but its true and I know that with all of my heart that we need to give it our all! I know this is true that if we pray for something and we act we will see results our conference with Elder Bednar. He talked a lot about that and how when we pray we need to put in our part because if we don't nothing will ever happen! this I learned more than ever! I know with all my heart that God will answer our prayers but I also know that if we don't act He cant help us! so the key is in our part to act!! 

Also I got to make pancakes this week for a family home evening that we had and it was awesome we also could help out cleaning the church it was a week of lots of service I love serving its pretty awesome! (: I love it here so much I know that God lives and that through the atonement of Christ we can help us when we need him and he will and is always here for us I know this with all my heart and hope that you guys know that with God all is possible and he loves us so very much I cant express his love for us in this letter but I hope that you guys know it and remember always I love you guys tons and hope you guys have a awesome week! (:
 lots of love from, 
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016

Yeah so this week was awesome like always I learn lots just weird I just got my flight plans so that's kinda a weird feeling but that's life right I send you guys them so you know(: so yeah anyways! other than that!(: 

So this week was awesome but really it was a awesome week and there were those ups and downs but I learned lots of patients for myself because I just need to be more patient with myself and with everything because everything wont always go how we want it to go but i know that if it be Gods will that it will be done!(: so yeah this week I have been studying in 3 nefi and I love it so many teachings that I didn't recognize as clearly as I did this time that I passed through it and its so amazing to know that Jesus came and taught the people here in the America's its so amazing and crazy to think about it I know that with God that all is possible and that truth be told that I know that he came here and he could teach these things about how we need to pray and how we will be blessed when we pray to heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ that our prayers will be answered and the craziest thing someone was giving a talk on Sunday and they were just talking about it and saying how that he lost something and he was praying and wasn't ending in the name of Jesus Christ and how his son said why don't you end in the name of Jesus Christ and it hit him he wasn't ending in his name so he did and he found what he was looking for! so crazy also it speaks a lot about how we need to become like a child and if we do that we can help everyone! so awesome! I know that God lives and he loves us so much! its so amazing to be here and serve the Lord and to know that with him everything is possible with him!(: 

So yeah! thank you so much for all you guys do and I hope that you guys know that I know that God lives and loves us so much and that through God anything is possible I am learning how to love people and so much its crazy! I know that through the atonement of Christ we can return to live with our heavenly father again!(: I love being here its so amazing and crazy at the same time but I am loving it(: thank you for all your support and prayers you guys are awesome(: 

love always la Hermana }
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

Fotos Feb. 29, 2016

 We had a little foto shoot she wanted to take pictures with me so cute right??(: the little kids love me here(: Yesterday they dragged me into the Nursrey . . and we needed to go to relief society but they wanted me to play there so cute(: jeje(: 

 Also we had a baby shower so here is my picture thats kinda lame but here it is(: jeje(: and also the sunset here in Calama so pretty!(: so I obviously had to take a picture right?? this is our view! but yeah so awesome I love it!! 
Also our tooth paste picture with my big camera(: jeje 

And these ones are for you dad!!(: Happy birthday!! I love you guys so much thanks for all you do for us!! I love you guys and hope that you have a awesome week!!(: Thank you for all ya'll do for me! you guys are awesome!!(: Thank you so much for everything you guys do and I hope that you guys have a awesome week and that all is weell!(: Just remember that i know that God lives and loves us so much!(: Thank you for all you guys do!(: HAVE A AWESOME WEEK!!(: