Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 26, 2015

 With the ward members they are so awesome the girl with the camera is going to serve in Equador!!! So awesome she is so awesome I love the people here!!! They are so amazing!!
 Que Rico!
I love the food I make(; I love you guys and had to share this selfie porque es bueno!!! me gusta mucho!!!
 I love you guys!!!
 So beautiful as always the moon on the ocean!!! I love this foto!
So . . . I love you guys and just had to take this picture so I hope that you enjoy this!! I love you guys your awesome!
Jan 26, 2015
This week was good I learned a lot of things! The sun is Hot and we are in a desert. The days are long but there is always something that makes me feel like its okay that I'm here. Its okay because through God all things are possible that he is on my side and I will be okay! I read a talk this morning and it says if we give ourselves to God, He can make us a masterpiece,  but if we don't we can only make a smudge! I know this to be true with all my soul, that if we give it our all He will always put in the rest that through him we can be perfected I said it in my voice recording the whole thing its very good! I know with a surety that God knows me and what I can and can't do. That through him I can be made strong!!!! This is hard, and it is true but I know at the end of the night if I lay in bed exhausted that the day was a good successful one. If I go to bed exhausted because I know that this is the only way I can be awesome! Everyone keeps talking about the earthquake here. I feel little ones a lot but there was a big one 6 months ago and now everyone keeps talking about it! Its so crazy!!! But I know that through God I can do all things and that if I open  my mouth to speak the words will come! I know this is hard but that it will definitely be worth it because through Him I may be made perfect!ª I know Jesu Cristo made it possible for us through the atonement and that He has felt all things, that He knows all that he knows as little thing as when you cut your finger he fells it and I know that we can become like God if we repent daily if we keep our way to him. Yes things will be hard always, But I know that through him through his wisdom we can know all things! Yes this week we walked a lot de nuevo but its okay because we talked to people in the streets we contacted people we wouldn't of if we were in the home I know that God is gracious and that if we do His will all things will come to pass!!! Read the scriptures daily they are amazing! Pray always because He is waiting to listen to you! I know you guys are so amazing and that you can do all things! I love you guys so much! Keep up the good work!!! I love you always remember God is gracious!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

 Here is us with one of the menos activos she is so very nice we are trying to get her back to church she came on Sunday so Esta Bien!!! i love you guys!
 We really do live in a dessert!!!! hahah inserio!
 Here is a selfie that we took in the mall love you guys!!!
 I think I need to send this one every week because it is so beautiful here I love it so much! Thanks for all the support you guys are so amazing I love you!!! Just need to see how beautiful the sunsets are here everyday they are so beautiful I love you guys so much!!!
I made a lot of french toast so of course a picture was necessary right??? I love you guys!
  Me and a completo!!! it was very good!!!!  I love you guys!
 Jan 19, 2015
Guys we have a investigato and she is real!!!! She wants to read the book of Mormon I can't even explain my excitement! And the funny thing is she was my contact ahhh so weird. The first person I contacted! ahhh from the video he is the gift!!! She wants to read the book of Mormon I can't even explain the overwhelming excitement! I am understanding more Spanish. We had exchanges and I learned something I learned how to explain baptism mejor because I don't know she said you go under the water and as you come up the sins you had stay in the water and you come up clean from all with the power of the preistood. I had never thought about it like that the picture was painted so clearly in my mind! It was so amazing even in Espanol! Ahhh I love you guys so much! This week I had some trials but I was able to over come them with the power of God. I know that only with him we can do all with him and only with him on our side!!! ahahha but I know this gospel is true with all my heart and I know that when we do what we need to God will bless us so much I can't even explain it, how much he would give that all his children could be saved, what I would give that I could just yell at some one and say just accept it you know if you try you will know but I know thats not how it works, so I know God will be convincing enought but I know there is a reason for everything and I know that through him all is possible! I love you guys so much keep your faith in Him because he is always there for us I promise you!!! Love you guys!!!

con amor,
hermana Birlyn Willden

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pictures from 1/11/15

 I think my hair is getting blonder and Chile is muy bonito!!!!! I love you guys!!! es esta nosotros apartementa! I love you!
 So I think my tan line is bad . . but its okay because it just means that I am working outside alot right??? hahah I love you guys your so awesome!!
 I LOVE THE OCEAN!!! Well its beautiful here again!!! The light shining through the clouds!! Its always beautiful! I can't get enough of the perfect weather here, well sometimes its crazy because people just have couches outside so yeah . . no rain here ever but that's okay perfect procilating weather!!
 Jan 11, 2015
THIS week was a week! we visited a lot of members and it was pretty amazing! umm we have a few investigators they just don't want to commit to anything so it is hard! we walked a lot this week but its okay because that is the only thing that can make us stronger! If we work hard we can become so much stronger!!!! I know that the spirit will always guide us in our lives and that we need to do what He needs us to do if we don't give him our whole self  he can't give us himself so we just need to work and work and do all the things He asks of us because it is very important for us to succeed in this life and to always put our trust in Him because honestly He trusts us! We need to trust him with all of us with our heart, mind, body, and soul everything you have to give to Him!!! I love you guys so much you are so amazing examples to me!!! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! I repeat you can do them! He is on your side! You just need to put your faith in Him!!!!  I love you guys and Chile is not at all Chile but its okay its very hot but I love it ts so amazing!! Thank you for all the prayers I can see them in my life so strongly! I know that this is GODS PLAN FOR ME! And He loves us so much! I really hope that you guys are having such a great week!!

everyone here kisses each other on the cheek and all the guys try to kiss me on the cheek and I never know what to do like umm no you can't kiss me or ahhhh sorry . .I never know because just me not my compenera haha I don't know its summer here and so beautiful I love you so much and hope that you know that I love you!!!! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

 My face when people talk to me in Espanol . . .hahah but really and this is me p day cleaning clothing!!!

WE MADE COOKIES FOR NEW YEARS!!! They were great I enjoyed them very much!!! From scratch but here no brown sugar it translates to blonde sugar! haha thanks for teaching me to cook mom!!
 New year from the beach it was very beautiful we didn't stay up to late, but it was loud. Lots of fire works mostly just ocean noises!!! but yeah!! It was awesome!
 oopps I spilled chocolate milk its okay though we cleaned it!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH STAY AMAZING!!! YOU GUYS MAKE THIS WORTH it!  I'm not perfect but Isure love this time here!!!
so yeah I love you!! enjoy!!

So and here is our new year photo I hope you in enjoy because its awesome with our families!!! We love you guys!!! Wanted to share it with you!
JAN 5, 2015
Guys can you even believe how fast the year went by so fast its so crazy!!! Anyways this week has been pretty great. Some of the members brought over dinner for us and it was so nice of them and we set up a table and stuff ahh so awesome it was so awesome I enjoyed it a lot!! I learned so much about having patience this week . I thought I had this but I guess not. I need to be a lot more patient con myself because hrn viega said a baby doesn't know how to speak  3 weeks into life. I said okay I guess that's true and has really helped me! I know that God would never tell me to do something I can't do. I know this is hard and that there is a lot of patience needed, but I know that it will all be okay and that I just need to get through these times because all that is important is that I am doing as God asks of me. If its his will to walk around a lot than that is as I should do it. It doesn't matter what and how hard it is, I know that it is Gods will and God needs me to put my whole self into this that I need this and he needs me. He needs me to learn espanol . He needs me to teach the people here. I know it with my whole soul!!! He loves me just like he loves you he needs you! Thank you for so much support. Everything here is so amazing, the people are so inviting and they are so very nice . I enjoy them a lot they are so amazing! And they Love me even though they don't understand me. This little girl like 7 years old at church always runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug! They all look at my hair like its not real but that's okay I know God loves me so much and that he is always here for me. If i give him all of me He will give me Him! So I need to keep strong!! I love it out here again thank you for all of the support you guys are so amazing. I love you so much thank you very much!!! I love you!! Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really though the awesomest!!!! I love you!!!!! Enjoy my recording!!!