Monday, December 29, 2014

 I love you guys you are so amazing don't forget it!!! I love you!!
 Here is us in our natural habitat!

In action photograph ahh its Christmas in CHILE TOO!!
 Christmas in Chile!!! ohh my days it is so very beautiful here i love it a lot my apartment is amazing and I am so grateful to be here!! I love you guys!!
Well here is a picture we had a Christmas trade thing and this is what I got well I got a toilet plunger and then he felt bad so he gave me the had to yeah fantastic right?? I love you guys!
 Dec. 29, 2014
Okay christmas was great I will send a voice recording next week because it is a lot easier that way! And maybe you guys enjoy listening to them so any ways this week was good! Christmas was good. Some days we don't enter anyone's homes but its okay because Saturday we entered every home we knocked ones door and it was so amazing. I taught my very first lesson it was so crazy!! perro I enjoyed it very much! I felt the spirit guiding the lesson the whole time it was amazing! We bought Christmas lights and hung them up in our apartment and it was pretty awesome! Also we are in the richest part of the mission and its crazy because the members will just give us a lot. There was a missionary who she loved this area so much she came back to it and has been helping us a lot with our lessons its really amazing she knows this area and we are getting to know it very well its hard but it is definitely worth it! I love listening to the spirit it is always here with us and I know that God is so gracious he loves me so much! My companion is so afraid my camera is going to get stolen so we only take pictures in the apartment but that's good I think! umm I love the little kids that know as much Spanish as I do because we just talk with body language they are so amazing and have the spirit with them all the time! I am excited because new year we have to go in by 9 and go to bed at 11:30 so more time to read the book of Mormon and write in my journal!!! I love this place its so crazy! Also I'd think I was a celebrity here because everyone stares at us as we walk down the street its so crazy!! I think its funny! My companion says its because my hair is blond but who knows well I know that's why but its still funny!!! Anyways I love you guys you are so amazing!!! I love you so much never forget it okay??? I know God loves you and that he always is here for you and if you ever need anything you just need to pray!! He is always here for you! I promise!!  Just keep praying always!!! I love you guys I'll talk to you guys next year!"! we will email you!!! Your amazing never forget this okay????

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014
I'm here in my mission it is so amazing I love it my compenera donde Brasil and she speaks Portuguese and Spanish of course!
I love it it is so hard but I love it I am on the coast in aquqi ( Iquique)
I think is the name we had to open this area so its a lot about getting to know the members so that we can get references from them! but we got this one reference and it was pretty awesome because we went there and the people were so excited to hear from us it was amazing!
Also we were street contacting and we ran into this family and they didnt speak spanish so I was like ohh good and I just told him all about what we had to say and it helped me realize I do know what I am doing I just need to learn the language it is important! umm yeah well I really did have a good week its been kinda a really long one with the traveling and everything but besides that its been good.
on sunday I had to introduce myself to everyone and it was pretty crazy I just told everyone where I was from and yeah it was fun I  guess I am learning so much from my companion she is very nice I love her she helps me a lot with all that I need help with!
 Thanks for being so amazing I love you so much you are amazing!!
Hola moms!!
We are sending photos!!
We love you
Amamos voces!!
Hermana Veiga and Hermana Willden :)

We are pleased to inform you of the safe arrival of Sister Birlyn Willden in the Chile Antofagasta Mission. We are thrilled to have Sister Willden serving here with us.  It was a pleasure to greet her at the airport today and spend some time getting to know her.

Thank you for the sacrifices you are making and the support you are giving her while she serves. We know she will appreciate the support she receives from home and you will be blessed for having a missionary in the field. We have attached photos of Sister Willden taken in front of Antofagasta’s landmark, La Portada, with the city in the background.  As you can see it can be a bit breezy there!

The Lord is hastening the Work of Salvation and this is an amazing time to be a missionary.  Your daughter is needed here and we are so grateful she has chosen to serve a mission.  We will care for her as if she were our own. 

 Dec. 17, 2014
love you guys so much thank you for being such a blessing in my life you really are so amazing hopefully you got to see the pictures and Im so blessed with the compenera I was given she is amazing I love you a lot don't ever forget that thanks for being so amazing!! p.s. my compenra speaks Portuguese y Spanish so its fun!! I love it! but anyways I hope you guys are having fun!!! You are so amazing!!! I love you!! I'll write you on lunes okay??? k well your amazing!!!

 Here is my amazing teacher Hermana Arnould she is so amazing and has taught me so much also my lovely district!! (kinda my family . .) well they are amazing I'll miss them!

So this was my face seconds after I put a cricket in my mouth and I thought it was gross I don't understand why people like them here they are crazy but tha'ts okay whatever I ate a cricket though . ..
Here is a picture with our branch presidency the picture is beautiful well the background really is they have been so great to me every Sunday!
 She was such a blessing to me in my life I'm so glad I got to have her in my life I really do love her dearly!!!
here was our group photo the last day slide show so yeah . . its fantastic!!!

Dec. 9, 2014

okay so my zone is pretty awkward bunch wont you say and we love things here they are awesome I'll send more pictures later so don't fright!!! I love you guys!

Dec. 10, 2014

 So these elders are my favorite people that were in the ccm well yeah pretty much they are so amazing and have such amazing testimonies!!!
 Well here is our selfie I thought you would want the one focused on me so yeah . . (= love you guys!!!
 Thanks for the cinnomon rolls me and my romates finished them today and I ate 4 so yeah thanks I loved them def not as good as yours!!!

So today we went on the roof of a big building and it was pretty fantastic view up there!!! I loved it and enjoyed it very much so I'm just going to share this with you!!! I love you guys!!
so yes I did play ping pong no I didn't win but i sure did try!!! I love you guys still don't forget it!
Its still Christmas here in the CCM and I love it here kinda a ton just if you were wondering its kinda amazing here like really though!!!! Thought I needed a picture with the nativity set so yeah awesome right???(=

Saturday, December 13, 2014

 Dec. 10, 2014
Okay so we have one week left, and this last week was crazy because the district that got here a week prior to us getting here is gone.  It makes me so sad because I loved them especially our work out buddies! But that's okay! because I know I'll see them again when they play for BYU football or rugby so it will be okay I know it!!! Anywhos well we got to watch the Christmas Devo and it was so amazing it talked a lot about how if we look unto him in every though doubt not fear not I know that if we put our trust in the lord we will be okay!!! like really we will be more than just okay we will be blessed so we just need to turn to him and we will accomplish all things!!! i know that all things are possible if we just believe! I have been so blessed with the people that are here in my life and I know that I am so greatful for all the things!!

Okay so anywho this week we have had a lot of things but also I feel like I just wrote you guys! There was testimony meeting this week and I enjoyed it very much even though it was all in Espanol. I know I only have one more that I will kind of understand until I will be thrown into basically a new language but it will be okay because God will bless me for the effort I put in!!! umm. . 

This week I taught some elders how to do some ballet and it was pretty fantastic! I'll send you the pictures attached to this email!! But yeah they are some silly elders that are dear to my heart!!I know that we will be blessed from our work and honestly I feel like here the same thing happens every week I learn more espanol and I get to experience more trials but its okay because I know that God is with us always and he would NEVER put us through something we couldn't endure. 

ummmm so this week I figured out how AMAZING things are her like really they are so amazing its so crazy!! like I love it here so much and the other day me and my comp were just going back and forth with scriptures and just telling each other what they meant to us and I realized something amazing. This is the only place in the world where if you were just sitting at a table you could get down on your knees and pray and no one would judge you. This is the only place that the spirit is protecting us 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and I cant imagine not having this in my life if you haven't gotten a chance to serve a mission do it because I highly recommend it its so amazing and it is hard but it is totally 200 percent worth it I know its going to just get harder but I know that God will bless me with the little things that will help me through all the days!!

I love you guys very much don't forget me you are amazing!! Your always in my prayers!!

Hermana Willden (Birlyn)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec. 2, 2014 CCM

 Mission map ohh and Elder Wilson decided he wanted to be a part of this picture so that's pretty awesome!!! Also FYI we can only take pictures here on P day so yeah that's why I'm always wearing like the same outfit in all them pictures(=
 ummm so this is what I eat for breakfast like everyday its kinda the best thing ever also I have to get all the nutella in before I leave here so yeah its great!!!
 So this is what our bed looked like this morning pretty much only looks like this after we do our laundry but I promise we keep the room clean mom . . .I love you!!!
 So its Christmas here and there was a tree so obviously had to take a picture its kinda fantastic I love it here so much and no snow its about 70 all day every day!(= just kidding winter is coming slowly but surly!!!
 So we have this store and its called the Tienda which means store in Spanish kinda lame huh? Well its okay I guess hahah ummm we are a little tired of this being the only place we can buy stuff but life goes on I guess still eat em Chokies all the days!!
So today we went to the play ground and got to play with the cutest little girl who doesn't speak english so she taught me all kind of things it reminded me of playing wth londyn she was 6 but still I played peek a boo the universal game and she just laughed at me trying to talk to her but I sure did try!! It just made me want to learn Espanol that much more so that I could play with the little kids!!!! ahh it was amazing!
Dec. 2, 2014
So this week has been awesome as always on Wednesday my district got to be the welcoming committee and it was awesome!!! We also got to help this one girl who was struggling so much she flew home the next day which makes me sad because she wasn't able to feel all the things we have here and how strong the spirit is always here like it is truly so amazing here I cant even explain it and on Thursday we got to have thanksgiving in Mexico it was so crazy like really!!! We had pumpkin pie and everything it was awesome!!! We also got to listen to elder Bednar and he talked about doing the little things those are really the things that matter and how we need to just open our mouth and the words will come and its hard to believe I know but even in Spanish I have a hard time knowing the right things to say also it really is all about the little things just remembering what you need to say and that everything is awesome here and life may be hard but it will be worth it!! umm and Thurday was just so amazing I loved it!!! So much it really was so awesome!!! Friday was just a normal day me and my companion had a lesson and I feel like we brought the spirit there so strongly it was so amazing how much this lady wouldn't listen and so we just started asking her about her church and getting to know her and it just helped us so much! On Saturday we pretended to be someone that needs the gospel in there life and it was hard because honestly I wish I could just have had them there to listen to the spirit that was there things here are so amazing I love it so much the spirit is always here so strong and I truly am amazing how Gracious God is. he is truly so amazing!!!Sunday I gave a talk and it was in Spanish the whole thing the hard thing is not knowing what your saying when you wrote it you knew but not when i read it all I could feel was how the spirit works and how strong I felt it as I read the words that I had written!!! on Monday afternoon class like at 3 we went was off subject and talked about how God wouldn't ever put us in a situation where we couldn't dwell He love s us so much and cares about us a lot this mission isn't easy and I haven't gotten to the hard part but everyday I remember how amazing things went here and remember everything is amazing I am so grateful!!! I love life here so much it is so amazing!!! I am so grateful for the support you have given to me you all are amazing never forget it and have a good first week of Decembre!!! k?? love you!
Nov. 25, 2014

Umm I don't know sense its not really a Mexican holiday but I'm sure we will sense most of us are here are American!!! Did you get the letters I sent you!!!! Its better everyday its so hard!!! I know!!! umm so I was sick on Wednesday and I sent you a mind message but if you didn't receive it I told you I love you so much thanks for all you do and have done for me it was so weird to go to the doctor to see what to take and that I was missing classes but I love you you are so amazing!!! Yeah that's awesome! I took some money out of my accout 500 pacos which I have no idea how many us dollars is but I bought a scripture case and a skirt that's so cute!! and it has pockets. tell Vanessa or Sarah now that I think about it im thinking it was Sarah  I got her dear elder letter which was pretty awesome it was my first!!(= I'd email her to let her know but I don't have it!!! And yeah it was awesome and very nice I cant wait to get the letters from you guys!!! I love you so much and sorry this came late today we just went to the temple today so yeah just a little later than usual!! Thanks for being so awesome I love you so much!!! Your amazing I'm glad to hear the blog went up!!1 I love you!!!

cmm week of Nov. 20, 2014

                                                       Okay so Tuesdays are pizza nights so that makes pizza the best!!!
He went to Lakeview and Westlake and we both entered the CCM at the same time ,so that's pretty crazy!!! So yeah!!!
 Just a mirror selfie at the visitors center in Mexico!! Its so amazing there!!! I love it!!!

                          So this is just me and the temple it is so beautiful there  and they have pretty       awesome lights on the palm trees which is so awesome!!!!! I love you guys!!!
 My district is the best they take selfies with me that are pretty awesome, even if the picture is focused on me it is still the best!!!!
well i kinda love this one because its awesome and i did my hair so yeah plus the name tag makes me feel great!! i love it so much!!! i love you guys thanks for being so amazing!!!!