Thursday, December 10, 2015


Okay buena! This week was exactly just that BUENA! It was more than that it was AWESOME!!!! We had a week maybe not of complete success but you know it was awesome! 

So we started this week by walking but you know the coolest thing that happened is that we got to go to Antofagasta as a mission now that was a 8 hour drive there and an 8 hour drive back but you know what happened there was so amazing and even though I could barely sleep the conference we had with Elder Cook was UNFORGETTABLE! It was amazing but you know the journey is a big part of the adventure so ill tell you what happened! So we worked Friday and at 9.30 we had to be in the bus station and our bus was suppose to leave at 10.30 but it was delayed 1 hour butIi have no idea what time we left because something weird happened to my watch! So we got on and we slept or I just sat there remembering all the drives I'd been on but how uncomfortable this one was with a guy sleeping on the seat next too me . . The time just dragged on but finally we got there and it was 5:30am the church didn't quite open up until6 am, so we left about at 6 and we all went over to the church in the night but it was cool they let us in and we were there with hermana andes and a bunch of other hermanas from copiapo well it was just the 6 of us but it was awesome we went in kinda woke up and hna andes gave us her bread that she had (that was nice of her right?) (; jeje but yeah then the time just was passing by slowly like we went in and were studying and about at 7 7.30 the other missionaries started to get there!(: so yeah and guess who we saw everyone i saw all my companions that are still here and it was awesome I could see Hermana Caballero Hna Leonhardt and Hermana Sotec! and don't worry they are all doing awesome still!(: but yeah then we went out to take a picture as a mission and everyone was there for the picture except for arica but I guess that's okay! It was fine! 

Then we went back in and started studying again! And then Elder Cook got there and he walked in and it was pretty cool! We then had all of the program which is the part that you are all waiting for right??(: jeje so what I learned from what they all said was that we don't need to be afraid to invite our purpose here as missionaries is to invite! As members we too are missionaries and we too have the same duty to invite people to come unto Christ its something we know that is so AWESOME! Why wouldn't we tell everyone at least post it on your facebook now I as a missionary don't have that opportunity to testify on Facebook buy you guys can! Share videos you like you know its through the little things that he uses to bring to pass the immortality and the eternal life! So awesome right that we can hare are testimony in just the was we act make people wonder why are they that way? And they might even ask! and if they do you just got the best opportunity right there! it was so awesome there words!

Elder Cooks wife talked about how hymn's are scriptures and they speak the trough and that we are in the work today! And that we shouldn't wait for the people to come to us we are the ones working here it was pretty inspiring! 

then Elder Cook talked about how we need to be an how we are here to invite and our calling is to be here we are here to be happy and to invite everyone to come unto Christ and it doesn't matter who we were before this it the time to be a missionary and with God we can and will if we let him help us be the missionary that he wants and needs us to be! it was so awesome and amazing how he shared his testimony and how he shared with us that really anything is possible! i know that with God all is possible he also talked about how he had a companion and he was awesome and that he couldn't speak as well but when he testified he had the spirit and he brought so many more people to baptism because he had the spirit maybe he couldn't talk as well or teach the best but it was his testimony that carried more than anything it was the spirit that he had and that was awesome! That really the spirit will help and if you work with the spirit then the people will feel it and that is the most important thing ever if you have the spirit! It was so amazing his testimony he said I know God lives! And the spirit was there so strong! 

I am so grateful for the time that I have here to be a missionary and the time I had to hear ELDER COOK! It was pretty amazing! I know that God lives and that he loves me so much I know that through him all is possible! I hope you guys know that I know God lives and I hope you guys have a awesome week! I know that all things are possible with God 

I am so grateful for all of you guys and for all that you ever do for me thank you so much and I hope that you all have a happy week and a happy thanksgiving! I love you guys so much and hope all is well!(: your so amazing and hope you never forget that! I love you tons! 
you're awesome guys! 
have a awesome thanksgiving eat lots for me!(: 
with lots of love 
con mucho amor
hermana Birlyn Willden 

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