Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fotos Dec. 14, 2015

 Okay so here are some pictures for you guys we got a picture with almost all of the mission just not one zone .. .  so yeah . . cool right(: also I found the U so yeah here in Chile its like for the university of chile but you know it looks like the U so you know me just had to take a picture right??(: yeah well hope you like these pictures(: 

Okay well here are some more me and the package ya'll sent thank you so much(::(: jeje and as well the snow man I made with the artificial snow you guys sent for my birthday so yeah thank you guys Im feeling the christmas spirit here(: you guys are sweet thank you(: 


AND HERE ARE THE LAST ONES(: just the scones up close(: and as well we are doing the 12 days of christmas for a family here and this is the first day of CHRISTMAS we made a tree of STARBURSTS(: awesome Im sure it tastes good(: jeje they loved it Im sure(: 
if you haven't seen it go watch it(: a savior is born like it share it and all(: thank you(: or just hashtag it(: haha love you guys(: have a good week(: 

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