Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015 one year mark!

 So one year ago from this week I left my house I had just had the best 5 days with my family together and I left I got on a airplane and 
I flew to Mexico and a few short 6 weeks later I flew to Chile where I had to talk to people that I didn't understand I had a companion who barely understand me let me tell you it was hard but you know what I WOULD NEVER TAKE IT BACK EVER! like really I would never because maybe I cried maybe I felt like the first week in the mission was a year but you know what I LEARNED MORE in that week than I had my whole life about God and how much he loves everyone of his children! Even more so I loved people that I could barely understand! that I think is one thing that you can get from a mission that you could never receive in another way to be able to feel the pain someone is going through and speak in a broken language and for them to FEEL the spirit and they may not just have understood a word but they know that its true the words that are coming out of your mouth are true that what you are doing is right that it doesn't matter how many times I've messed up in Spanish how many people have laughed what really matters is who I am and how the mission is changing my view on life to take a step back to move to another place with a new culture you learn something so beautiful through the mission experience! You have dreams that your family life collide with your mission life trying to make sense to something you never thought could be real you knew it exisited but its hard to take it in! I know that the mission is hard and I still have a whole 6 months to help the people here in Chile but you know what what I have learned here I will never take back its changed my life and I promise if you get the chance to have this experience please take it you will never regret it! Its pretty amazing! I know that it may be a difficult process but its totally worth it! I love it so much and know I have SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN! but you know what I'm learning and growing laughing and crying I am living the missionary dream and its awesome!(: I love it here so much and I cant say it enough! But I know this is where I need to be right now! 

I know and have gained a new testimony on how families can be together forever and how grateful I really am for them and for there testimonies! Thanks guys like really for all you do for me and all your testimonies! You guys really helped me be the person that I am today! I know maybe you don't think so but its the truth!(: I know that through God all things are possible!(: like really! 

The other week I don't know if I told you but we found a family because there house was super awesome for Halloween and they are from Argentina but they are super awesome and aren't used to people yelling aloe (it sounds like that don't know how they spell it here) but they are used to people clapping! So weird so we tried clapping but we just ended up laughing because it was weird not to weird to scream but to clap . . kinda yeah! But you know thats the life here on the mission! but you know they are so awesome! They let us in and everything! And he doesn't believe in God but he likes that we believe in the families and he said he wants to hear us so thats so awesome!(: so crazy how we can help people like that believe! So awesome! I know that God lives and he loves us so much I know that anything is possible with him! I hope that you guys know that I love you guys and hope you guys have a awesome week! You guys are awesome I love you guys tons and yeah you guys are awesome I hope that you guys have a awesome week and that everything is going well!(: I love you guys so much and hope everything is going well!(: 
Have a awesome week and keep being awesome! (: love you tons! 
with lots of love! 
Hermana Birlyn Willden

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