Tuesday, December 15, 2015

hey guys(: just another 11 days till my second Christmas in the mission(: Dec.14, 2015

Okay so this week has been awesome we have seen lots of progress here this last week and its been awesome I love it here the people here are super nice and I am glad to be here serving in the Atacama desert(: its awesome and so hot in this Christmas season but you know I love it(: its awesome well so this week was awesome we saw lots of miracles here in maray well that's our ward here in Copiapo(: its pretty awesome working here and working with members is pretty awesome as well(: missionary work doesn't work as well when the members aren't a part of it but you know that's just how it and that's why we always say every member a missionary because its just the truth(:

 Yeah well anyways if you would like to know the things people say to me in the street in Spanish though of course  first and most common thing they say is Blondie yeah and BARBIE and also they say that we are the two most beautiful girls in Chile . . yeah its weird that people just say things like that in the street but I also find it funny(: 

Yeah even though you know that's just life they also call us helder and yeah that's cool too yeah no we are the Hermanas not elders but yeah that's just what happens right super awesome i do love it here though its so fun!(: 

So  yeah I love being a missionary because you just get to have at least a thousand missionary experiences in your day and you litteraly are set apart from the world not watching TV or listening music from the world its pretty awesome sometimes its hard I am not going to lie but just so you know I am sure you know but it is a growing learning and everything experience and Ive just got to enjoy it while its going because this is the only time of my life that I can be a missionary like this(: and I am SUPER grateful and for this time that I have here to be a missionary and to help people come unto Christ and accept him in there lives as I am trying to keep him in my life doing everything that I can do to bring my life in harmony with his its not easy let me tell you, but I love it its so awesome to be here to help people here and to give them hope in there life that they didn't even know existed. 

This time of year is a awesome time of year when you say something about Christmas I feel like more people listen that they think about it twice if its for Christmas's for sure like Christ is real and people know it more than ever this time of the earth they even have this tradition here where they have the cute manger scene and the 24th in the night they put out baby JESUS but until then his crib is empty because that is really when he is born its pretty awesome I like it at least(: 

Well this week was awesome we had a lot of people come to the sacrament meeting and it was awesome to see them there. I loved seeing it actually I know that God really does work through us and that anything is possible if we believe(: hope you guys had the chance to see the Christmas video and that all went well(: I love you guys and hope that you guys can have a awesome week and remember that through God all is possible. I love you guys have a awesome week you guys are awesome(: love you guys HAVE A GOOD WEEK(: AND REMEMBER CHRISTMAS TIME IS AWESOME SO ENJOY IT(:  

Hermana Birlyn Willden

ps this recording is for Londyn's birthday(: hope  you like our singing (: 

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