Wednesday, December 30, 2015

 heyyyyyyy compiiiiiiiii mire las fotos que me mando la hna ximena jejeje somos vacanes

 also we made apple pie and it turned out fantastic!(: and used cute head bands(; CHRISTMAS TIME

Christmas in the mission Dec 21, 2015

This week was awesome we did lots of awesome things as you will probably see in the pictures that I sent! CHRISTMAS TIME IS THE BEST TIME(: 

I love it here so much so we have seen and witness lots of amazing things here. Hna Cristina  finally accepted her goal for bauptismo and she had her interview her and her daughter and they both PASSED IT! NAILED IT! So awesome .we are so excited for this decision that they have chosen to come unto Christ and make this covenant with him its going to be AWESOME!! im so excited!

Also something else that happened was that . . a missionary went from our ward to go on the mission Ill send you pics to but it just all reminded me of my setting apart and leaving. . so yeah that was that and so awesome to remember why I am here and how really awesome it is to be here, to receive prayers from all over the world. Its so amazing to be a missionary and to work in this work and know that everything is going to be okay. I know that God lives and loves me so much thats why I am here to share his good news at this such beautiful time of year, to give people the news that a SAVIOR IS BORN that He live He loves us so much and I know that He does and that we can help people come unto Him and help people be a part of this wonderful work! Its so awesome to be here I love it so much and hope you guys know that I do! That its such a wonderful privlage to be here!(: 

So yeah also this week we had a conference with presidente Dalton and it went super great and we had a gift exchange and we got legos how awesome right??/(: so awesome I know! jeje I think that Dallas and Logan might like them too, so Ill save em(: jeje its so awesome right we had like a family home evening activity like last year and we sang hymns and we read scriptures about the birth of Christ and it was pretty awesome Im sure you guys are going to do that on Christmas eve!(: 

can I tell you how awesome it is to be here at Christmas time serving a mission again??(: 

ITS PRETTY MUCH THE BEST(; because everyone is focused on Christ and his birth and everything its kinda actually amazing to share the gift that we have with everyone here I love it(: 

yeah so I hope you guys know that I know that God lives and he loves us so much and I know that this is his church!(: thank you so much for all you do and your testimonies you guys are so amazing love you guys so much hope you have a good week!
con mucho amor 
hermana Birlyn Willden

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fotos Dec. 14, 2015

 Okay so here are some pictures for you guys we got a picture with almost all of the mission just not one zone .. .  so yeah . . cool right(: also I found the U so yeah here in Chile its like for the university of chile but you know it looks like the U so you know me just had to take a picture right??(: yeah well hope you like these pictures(: 

Okay well here are some more me and the package ya'll sent thank you so much(::(: jeje and as well the snow man I made with the artificial snow you guys sent for my birthday so yeah thank you guys Im feeling the christmas spirit here(: you guys are sweet thank you(: 


AND HERE ARE THE LAST ONES(: just the scones up close(: and as well we are doing the 12 days of christmas for a family here and this is the first day of CHRISTMAS we made a tree of STARBURSTS(: awesome Im sure it tastes good(: jeje they loved it Im sure(: 
if you haven't seen it go watch it(: a savior is born like it share it and all(: thank you(: or just hashtag it(: haha love you guys(: have a good week(: 

hey guys(: just another 11 days till my second Christmas in the mission(: Dec.14, 2015

Okay so this week has been awesome we have seen lots of progress here this last week and its been awesome I love it here the people here are super nice and I am glad to be here serving in the Atacama desert(: its awesome and so hot in this Christmas season but you know I love it(: its awesome well so this week was awesome we saw lots of miracles here in maray well that's our ward here in Copiapo(: its pretty awesome working here and working with members is pretty awesome as well(: missionary work doesn't work as well when the members aren't a part of it but you know that's just how it and that's why we always say every member a missionary because its just the truth(:

 Yeah well anyways if you would like to know the things people say to me in the street in Spanish though of course  first and most common thing they say is Blondie yeah and BARBIE and also they say that we are the two most beautiful girls in Chile . . yeah its weird that people just say things like that in the street but I also find it funny(: 

Yeah even though you know that's just life they also call us helder and yeah that's cool too yeah no we are the Hermanas not elders but yeah that's just what happens right super awesome i do love it here though its so fun!(: 

So  yeah I love being a missionary because you just get to have at least a thousand missionary experiences in your day and you litteraly are set apart from the world not watching TV or listening music from the world its pretty awesome sometimes its hard I am not going to lie but just so you know I am sure you know but it is a growing learning and everything experience and Ive just got to enjoy it while its going because this is the only time of my life that I can be a missionary like this(: and I am SUPER grateful and for this time that I have here to be a missionary and to help people come unto Christ and accept him in there lives as I am trying to keep him in my life doing everything that I can do to bring my life in harmony with his its not easy let me tell you, but I love it its so awesome to be here to help people here and to give them hope in there life that they didn't even know existed. 

This time of year is a awesome time of year when you say something about Christmas I feel like more people listen that they think about it twice if its for Christmas's for sure like Christ is real and people know it more than ever this time of the earth they even have this tradition here where they have the cute manger scene and the 24th in the night they put out baby JESUS but until then his crib is empty because that is really when he is born its pretty awesome I like it at least(: 

Well this week was awesome we had a lot of people come to the sacrament meeting and it was awesome to see them there. I loved seeing it actually I know that God really does work through us and that anything is possible if we believe(: hope you guys had the chance to see the Christmas video and that all went well(: I love you guys and hope that you guys can have a awesome week and remember that through God all is possible. I love you guys have a awesome week you guys are awesome(: love you guys HAVE A GOOD WEEK(: AND REMEMBER CHRISTMAS TIME IS AWESOME SO ENJOY IT(:  

Hermana Birlyn Willden

ps this recording is for Londyn's birthday(: hope  you like our singing (: 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 7, 2015

 okay and here are the other ones guess what its CHRISTMAS TIME I DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IT [: jeje

So here is one of our investigators houses the decorated it for CHRISTMAS SO AWESOME the made it all of recycled meterials like newspapers and egg cartons and stuff awesome right and here is us in Hermana Cintias house and her cute CHRISTMAS TREE RIGHT??[: jeje well I hope you guys have seen the new CHRISTMAS VIDEO ITS so good there is a new inicitave I don't know how to spell that but if you haven't seen it go watch it and if now watch it again[: I love you guys and hope that you guys have a awesome week you guys are the best[: with lots of love 
hermana Birlyn WIllden

Well here are my feet, our room and my self through the mirror cool huh??[; jeje and also our little tree all lit up and everything. today I put the first ordament on it but you know I forgot to take a pic maybe next week[: I love you guys I'll send you more pictures from my companions camera in a minute love you guys[
Me and my comp with santa on our laps[: I love you guys and hope that you guys have a awesome week you guys are the best i love you guys so much have a awesome week[: love you guys tons
Hermana Birlyn WIllden

Dec. 7, 2015 just another awesome week[:

Hey guys
 So this week was a good week like all weeks because I get to serve in the service of the Lord I have such a big privilege but you know sometimes its harder than other days but I love it here so much I am learning so much being able to share my testimony and help these people here accept Christ in there lives its so awesome I love it

So like I was saying there are some days better than others so this week wasn't let me say the best week but like we did help people come unto Christ. We did there was just one day that we didn't enter any house and I felt I'm sure a little as did Christ as he walked and people denied him not that anyone denied us or even was rude it was just that no doors were opened to us and I mean it happens and we went home with tired feet, but like a movie says when we win we praise him and when we loose we still praise him. We thank him for the opportunity we had to play the game that he had given us. I am so grateful for this time I have here to be a missionera to serve on the Lords team. It is such a privilege to be here and to help my brothers and sisters come to Him even when it just comes from talking to someone in the street, and smiling I know that the little things are helping these people here I know it and I love it.

So this week we got to visit with people that we hadn't for a while, and it is so amazing to see that they are willing to listen and try to change there perspective because in reality its hard for someone to see things in a different way .  but its so amazing this time that I have here with all of the thousands of missionaries who are serving all over the world to be a missionary and to help these people come unto Christ .I'm in love with this country here that about a year ago I had never visited. I cant believe has become such a big change and part of my life its so amazing to be here and to help these people come unto Christ and learn that fairytales exists families can be forever and that Christ does help. I love it[: 

I know that God lives and loves us so much and I hope that you guys can know for your selves the same that He does live and love every single one of his children no matter where you are and whats happened, he is all forgiving and all loving and I hope that you guys can have a awesome week and know that the atonement works[: love you guys tons and hope you guys have a awesome week
love you guys tons
con mucho amor
hermana Birlyn Willden

Nov 30, 2015 pictures

so yeah we were trying to break open up a mini coconut! it was good but we couldn't get it open . . 
 Okay our little thanksgiving pizza thank you mom!  your the best !  And also another day the food we ate I made it look like a smile face how cute right?[: 
 Okay and here are some more fun Christmas pictures that we took!  So fun right? jeje we were fighting over the box. . [; just for the pic no worries!

Just us putting up our cute little christmas tree how fun! It will be up until at least Christmas!
And here are the last ones from my camera I hope you enjoy them and that you guys have a awesome week and just know that I love you guys and i hope that you have the best week ever you guys are awesome thanks for being the best family ever and for always helping me whenever I need it. I love you guys and really hope that you guys have a awesome week!  

 and some more also me knocking on a door: jeje
Maca is doing my hair. . and here is us on the bus with all the Elders behind us so crazy!

 The sunset and this is the motercycle of a investigator.  . He likes his bike just a lot!  but yeah well now I am really done and hope that you like these pictures!  I love you guys tons and hope you have a awesome week you guys are the best love you tons! Have a awesome week! 
Hermana Birlyn Willden