Saturday, February 28, 2015

 February 23, 2015
Today we get to have a special dinner with president Dalton and his wife so AWESOME!!! Only for my district Ill send a photo of our district because there is an elder Elder claros switched to our mission so he is finishing his mission before the end of the transfer, so we get to have a special dinner with president. I'm super excited it will be AWEOSME! anyways this week we taught people the people who are progressing that we have found!! Well this week I learned its okay to be awkward because twice we were walking and noticed someone we needed to talk to so we stopped and turned around awkwardly and started speaking with them it was pretty awesome actually because every time we did they were so interested in what we had to tell them so lesson learned its okay to be . .AWKWARD because if we need to people don't notice all the things we feel are awkward! I know that through God all things are possible that if we give him everything he WILL help us sooo much! I can't even express the help that he will give to us it is so amazing!!
This week I also learned that through PRAYERS we can do all we just need to sincerely pray we need to want this I know that its hard sometimes because you may  not feel like he is listening but I know if you really want an answer he will help you so much!! This week we followed the direction of the spirit and we found the people that were ready they were ready to hear the testimony of two young woman and how amazing that we can do anything if we follow him everyday!!
Yo se que mediante el totas es possible. yo se que el queree escuchar nos cada momento entonces nosotron nessite hace todas!
ajj its kinda hard to write in spanish im sure that that didnt make sense but I really know that with God on our side we can do all things and that he wants us to be able to do all that if we Give him all of ourselves that he will give of himself!!
This week was good! I am doing amazing enjoying every moment everyone says the time will be gone before i know it so i better soak up everysecond while I have this calling!
There is a little boy standing at the computer infront of me and he looks and me and smiles and I smile and then he shiley turns his head away from me I know that God loves him and that God loves each one of us and that we can do all things through him I cant even stress that enough!! HE LOVES YOU!
I know that through the atonment we can be okay that everything will be okay and I just want you to know that its the most truest thing in the world that through him all is possible thank you for all that you guys do for me you guys are so amazing!
te amo!
 I love you guys so much thank you for your example that you always have been to me you guys are so amazing! I love you so much keep up the good work you guys are really so awesome I love you so much!!!
remember DIOS NOS AMA MUCHO!!!
God loves us so much!!
you guys really are amazing!
stay awkward and awesome
I love you guys
February 9, 2015
This week was pretty amazing as is every week obviously!! hahah I learned a lot! how the spirit works through all things and that even in a crazy experience we learn a lot like so much. Even when all day we walk and all that we do is walk and talk to people in the street we know that Gods will was to have us talk with people and if we hadn't been able to walk all day we wouldn't of had that experience to talk with them to share with them the light of Christ just a little bit of the light needed in there hearts. 

Yesterday we had an experience that we went to two members houses and we just felt like we were walking for ever because we did walk a lot but not forever and we walked into her home and she brought out ice cream and it was just such a big blessing to us because we felt the love of our Savior in this moment we saw it so strong! After that we taught her about miracles and how she shared with us a small simple miracle that to other people may see as nothing but to us it is everything!

She then told us how amazing we are and that she can see that we are trying that when she just needs something we are always there and that even though we don't feel like we are helping anyone. she told us that we were helping her and that was a huge thing in my life its crazy because I can't even explain the light that she brought to me and to my companion! 

Then the next members home we entered we taught her about the atonement and how it has helped us in our lives and we ended and she told me I had the most beautiful eyes and that you can see how well a missionary is working by the spirit is working in there eyes and that just helped us feel like that even though its so hard the days are so long but even if we help one person we can change the world through just our actions and just help someone just a little bit we can do anything i know that God is so Gracious and that he loves us so much and through Christ we may be clean and learn and have a friend through all things thanks for all that you guys do you guys really are so amazing thanks for all that you do and the spirit that you bring into my life. I love you guys! 

Keep up the good work! I love you guys thanks for the example you all have been in my life. I know this church is true and that he love you guys so much you guys are amazing I love you so much stay awesome!! keep smiling! life is amazing! When God is on your side pray always because he deserves to hear you! 

te amo!
hermana Birlyn Willden

ps your the best!!! and one is me and my companion singing christmas music so enjoy!!! I love you guys! and the other is the usual update of the week I love you guys hope you enjoy!!!

February 16, 2015
This week I saw maracles everyday! I know that when we pray for miracles that we will receive!
i know that if we put our faith in him we pray with a surety we WILL receive and I know this with a surety I have a testimony that when we put our all in him. We had companion exchanges with the hermana liders and it went very well I was with hermana rojas and I learned that I know more that I though to speak Spanish to know the people in our sector it really helped me have the confidence in myself! Me and her contacted a lot of people because everything that we had scheduled fell through nothing seemed to be going the way we planned but I know God had a different plan for us! that through him that I know that all things are possible! If we put our faith in God I know all things are possible!! thanks you for your inspired words and we prayed for miracles this week and we truly saw them every day we saw something! It was truly amazing we walked and talked and the next two days me  and hermana Viega spent contacting the and we learned so much! God has his way it may not be our way but i know that through him all things are possible! will receive the blessings if we give it our all!!! I love reading the book of Mormon and the talks in the liahona! I know that through God all is possible and i know that all the prophets say will help YOU I that's right it will help YOU! I am talking to you the one reading this! i know that he puts people in our path that we can help we just need to do our best and he will in all reality do the rest! If you feel like you need to share something with someone JUST DO IT! its really all you need to do get up you 20 seconds of courage and do it! you can do all things he is on our team!!! I know that he needs YOUR help!!! So put your faith in him and he will do all the rest!!! Thank you for all that you do for me and the examples that you have been to me through out my life growing up to be the person i am today! I have learned so much here and continue to learn more everyday! If you have a impression to do something GOOD DO IT! 

I know that through him weak things may become strong!! I know that through our prayers really sincere prayers he will help us he listens and he knows how you feel. I learned so much this week and I really know with a surety there are days we really don't want to do anything but you cannot grow if you are just sitting on the couch all day it wont help i cant learn Spanish if I don't practice if I don't talk he wont help me unless I give it my all!! I know that through him we may become clean and that we may be able to have the spirit with us through all things!! Thank you for all that you do you guys are truly so amazing!! I know that GOD LOVES US DIOS AMA NOS! He truly has faith because he choose us! 

Thanks for sending me your love you truly are amazing!!

love your friend your sister your cousin your daughter granddaughter niece 

a missionary


te amo ustedes!!!I love you guys!! !

We ate at mcdonalds and its not the same as back home . . I like it better at home they really do put avacado on everything here its kinda insane!!!! haha! i hope you enjoy this because i sure do I love you guys!!

well its not cold here but . . this picture is fantasitic I love you guys and the graffittie everywhere is pretty awesome like enserio!!!

So we got a picture with a giraffe and its perfect because I said goodbye to winter and hello to summer!!! so yeah and  . . .there is a giraffe so perfect right!!! I had to take a picture it was kinda required!!!!! I love you guys!! 

so we decided eat on our own this month!! so here is our cart of food for this month !!! so amazing I'm excited to make food so Ill let you know how that goes!!! hahah anyways I love you guys!! your awesome!!!

its not a week without the view!!! so pretty i love you guys and hope that you have an amazing week the weather here is hot! but its all good because yeah! i love it here and the view is great!!!! i lovre you guys and hope your week is so wonderful you guys really are the best!!! te amo


stay awesome

pray always!!
 love hermana willden (birlyn)
February 2, 2015
So I hope this is the right recording because I didn't have the chance to listen because this computer doesn't have a place for head phones but if not its okay I can send you it next week! Okay so this week we walked a lot this week and my companion said today hey why are you so tan and Im not? It was funny so you will just have to look at my fotos and see for yourself! Candace congrats on your baby he que lindo as the people here in Chile would say!!! I love you guys so much! UMM this week I had a crazy experience on Tuesday actually I opened my mouth and all of the words just came to me in Spanish and I have no idea what I said I just know that they felt the spirit there and that I was able to speak through the POWER of the Holy ghost and that things here are so hard but the little things like that make all of the difference in my life I can feel the spirit in the words my companion says and when I talk through the spirit I know for a fact that I don't know everything or all the answers to these peoples questions but I do know that if I open my mouth to speak the words will come of course I need to learn the words first but I know that they will come through his power he gives me! I know this week has been so crazy and kind of long but I know that everything will be okay in the end, that through God all things are possible. If I give my all he will help me I know that if I open my mouth to speak he will give me the words to say that the spirit revels all things I know there is always a light in the darkness and that he loves me so much. I love you guys and hope that your week is going well and goes well thank you for all of your support you guys really are the best!!!
 I love you 
te amo
hermana Birlyn Willden 
p s they really do say po at the end of all wordsso i say sipo tampienpo its quite funny I enjoy it>!!! everytime I say it!! I love you guys again your really are the best!!!
te amo!