Thursday, April 2, 2015

More Feb 2015

 Us waiting for our clothes! . . hahah we waiting just 20 minutes . . hahah I love you guys!
 Us in the elevator we go up to our apartment in our pjs!! 

 so yeah this was my last one today so fantasitc right??? hahah so crazy i love you guys!
 vamos chile! Hermana Viega  is giving me this little does she know how much I love beines so que bueno! 
 I made us this on valentines day .   , and I didn't even look it up on Pintrest . . hahah ohh I love you guys and hope your valentines day was wonderful you guys truly are amazing thanks for sharing your valentines day with me even though we are miles away I still felt your love!! 
+te amo!
hermana Willden!

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