Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 6, 2015 pictures

 I'm sorry just one more la view! well I know you guys were wondering what my view was like so here is just a photo for you guys to enjoy!(; 

I love you guys again and hope your week is awesome!!
te amo!
 Okay well here are two photos for you guys! we made brownies for a noche de hogar with Loreto and so here is a photo with our brownies and the other is the easter gift our hermana leaders made for us for easter so yeah muy bacan cierto? haha! 

 And here is my comp and her birthday cake she made for herself . . its not that I didn't want to make it it is that she insisted on making it for herself . . so I made her breakfast special! and I hope she enjoyed it! Ha Ha

and here is my favorite thing in the scriptures well in El Libro de mormon so I thoughtIi would share it with you! It truly is amazing this! 

 And here is a selfie with our apartment building que bacan! haha I like this selfie a lot so yeah there is that and yeah. . haha I hope you guys enjoy it as well because its pretty cool right? Okay well I hope so!

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