Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015 pictures

  Also just the Hermanas if you were wondering we are pretty cool I think with our photos and such! 
 okay and here is just another selfie in el baño . . so yeah 

 okay well I made the muffins you guys sent me so here is just a picture so you remember that I love them and you guys 
 okay and this was today and just me standing here looking crazy but everyday I want a picture here  
 okay here is my zone and the zone confrence with president! and also just the hermanas if you were wondering we are pretty cool i think with our fotos and such! 
ohh and here is loreto y angelo they had the chance to bless there baby sunday so they wanted a foto with us so i needed the foto as well right? well i am kinda awkward in this foto but all is good i hope you guys enjoy my fotos because i always send alot i think! haha i love you guys!

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