Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just another week in the life of a missionary April 27, 2015

Okay well this week was pretty awesome well yeah! okay so its so amazing to see the affect that we make on someones life. So this experience happened like a month ago but still I just remembered so yeah so me and Hermana Veiga contacted pretty much everyone because we opened this sector here right? Yeah well we talked to a .lot of people. Then one day me and my comp now were in a elevator visiting someone there and there was a member and of course he said what church are you guys from? And he said ohh I am mormon and we were like where do you live and he gave us his apartment number okay .. then we went to visit and he wasn't there but we just continued with our day like normal we then were walking back to our apartment and there was someone in there car saying elders elders elders and we continued to walk like no one said anything and they stopped the car in this moment we were really scared well at least I was and he said hi elders! When are you guys going to come visit me and then he said come tomorrow at 8 okay so of course we went right? Well we went and I recognized the girl but I didn't remember from where.. . I just recognized her so yeah we had been teaching them for 2 weeks and she had her book of Mormon and in the book of Mormon she had a card that me and Hermana Veiga had given her and I asked did I give that to you and she said yeah ..and then in this moment I realized that she was more comfortable inviting us into her house because she had spoken to us before. We didn't get her address but now we are visiting her and learning what she needs and it may not have been the way we thought but I can see that talking to everyone the blessing of this are so amazing! I love it so much and most people may just say its a coincidence but no I know God guided us in this and that through God all things are possible! I know that if you do what he asks always you may not see the blessings right now but you will see them you just need to put your faith in him in every moment thank you so much for all you guys do for me you guys are so amazing thank you really I hope you guys know that I know this church is true and that through Christ and through God I know all things are possible we just need to put our faith in him like all of it! I hope you guys have a awesome week and that everything goes awesome and remember how much I love you guys! never forget it okay!!!!!!!!!!!
te amo mucho! 
hermana Birlyn WIllden

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