Tuesday, April 14, 2015

march 23, 2015 pictures

 Okay and I really did color my companion's hair . . hahah so funny but I know that she is awesome and that we can do all things when we both focus on the Lord and his work!!
Really guys thank you for all that you guys always have done and are doing for me you guys always help me become a better person thank you so much for your prayers and all you guys really are the best!! I love you guys so much and hope all goes well for you this week!! Have the best week ever! I love you guys so much keep staying awesome and being the best people you can be!
I love you guys and have a awesome week!
te amo mucho!!
hemana Birlyn Willden
 well here are some photos, one of my feet. . because they are awesome and such and the other of my amurso . . I made it! hahah and it was very good!
(; but really it was good!

 Well here is a Photo of me in the morning! with awesome glasses and such also our vista today!! hahah I still will never get tired of our view I love it here so much it is so amazing like really though it is so awesome here! I really love it! and yeah! THANK YOU  for everything you guys do you guys are so amazing also thank you for your example that you always are for me you guys inspire me everyday I love you guys so much thank you so much!
con mucho amor!
te amo mucho!
hermana Willden 

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