Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015
Okay so this week was awesome like every week I forgot to tell you I think but I ate the fruit of a cactus like 3 months ago and it was really good. . 
Another thing we were having the interviews for the family that is getting baptised  so we were with them kinda getting to know them better and I taught them to do that snapping thing with my hands i don't have any idea how I can explain it but yes that thing and they learned how and now every time they see me they start doing it so awesome! as well the so he is 15 and he said that my eyes are like a pool and then his mom said Gracia's romeo . . ha ha I have never received that complement before but cool I guess my eyes are like the pool . .
Okay and so this week was pretty amazing I loved it so much learned a lot about how to teach and how to continue to teach and be better at it! we had alot of lessons . . like more that I have ever had before! 19 lessons total this week so yeah . . anyways I learned alot.

ummm I am doing awesome if you guys were wondering life is awesome here! Our investigators are progressing like they all want to here what we have to tell them and it is pretty awesome I love teaching people who want to here and want the change in there lives this is truly amazing! Our investigator who knocked on our door wants to be baptized she asked if she could this week but she needs to attend the church 2 times before so we said that she could 25 de Abril I think that is when and she came to church she really is a very big miracle in our lives and she speaks English so that's pretty crazy!

I know that through God all things are possible we just need to pray with faith with real faith because he knows if it is real or no so if we pray with faith he will answer us we just need to give it our all and he will help us, and he will give us his all if we give him our all! And my favorite quote from conference is a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying because en verdad es verdedero it is the truth and we just need to keep trying and I know through God all things are possible thank you for all your prayers and all the things you guys do for me you guys really are so amazing!

I hope you're week really is awesome and amazing things happen 
te amo 
su hermana amiga compeñera hija sobrina todas
hermana Birlyn Willden 

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