Sunday, April 5, 2015

Feb 23,2015

 Here is my district they are pretty amazing people!!! Like they really are pretty awesome!!! Just if you were wondering they are pretty awesome!!! 
 And the other is because I bought sunglasses for 3 mil pesos! So awesome!! Like hahah I hope you enjoy them because I sure do!!
 ohhh and here is a reflection Photo so awesome I love these moments here so much they are so amazing I love you guys and hope all is going awesome ohh and we had an activity in the church for the family things so awesome it was very awesome to see the people and help them find there family and people that they could help so awesome I love it!! ahhh hahah thanks for all you guys do your so awesome!

Its still as beautiful as always here!! I love you guys and hope you enjoy the view its so beautiful I just had to remind you!! God is so amazing and Gracious! I know that he loves us so much and anything is possible if we just believe and act! i love you guys and hope that you have an amazing week!! love you guys!

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