Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fotos!:) 14.3.2016

                                             me and Hna Sotec en our intercambios(: jeje 

                                            more with me and Hna Sotec! and a awesome family!(: 

 and here are the baptism fotos! so awesome she was so happy!(: and lots of people came to see this amazing experience of hers(: 

 My feet again are changing colors so weird but I love it now they got a line down the middle emily also her hair is just so cute I love it(: yeah and here are some more pictures of me and her because she's just so cute(: her mom was just sitting behind us but didn't wanna be in the pic but so cute(: so thats all my pictures for this week  hope you enjoy them!(: and have a awesome week I love you guys!(: 

                                                           me in front of the Calama sign 

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