Friday, March 4, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016

YEAH SO anyways this week was awesome I hope you enjoy my pictures we sure did take a lot today but yeah this week was awesome we had a surprise party for the Hermana Nicole that's what the picture is of a girl with her face covered in whip cream! Well every Tuesday we have a family home evening and we could surprise her and it was cute she said that it was the best birthday of her life and that she sure loved it! I love serving the people here its so awesome I can really see the hand of the Lord in really everything that we do its so awesome I love it so much its kinda the best!!(: its so awesome to be a missionary!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone because you get to serve!! Always at every moment you get to learn so much! And help people on the way!(: 

This week we also got the chance to teach a lot of people a girl who she seemed to be so lost and confused and we could help her clear up a few things she said that she would pray and ask God what she should do and I know that if she does that she will without a doubt receive an answer our lesson could be so powerful and help her I felt the spirit there and I know that with God that all things are possible! 

We also could help lots of people this week and we had our zone training and it was awesome we could learn how to work better with members there is a video called I will go and do. . Its on the church page and its super powerful! I cried! But it shows that a family can be involved and is such a huge part of missionary work that its crazy! I love it so much!!! So if you can watch it and enjoy it and I know that you guys will!! (: I know that God lives without a doubt in my heart and mind that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can return to the presence of God that we obviously have to do our part but I know that with the help of the savior that we can get back to God and that we can live with our families forever!(: I love you guys so much and hope that you guys never forget that!!(: thank you for all you guys do for me all of your prayers and everything because they do help! I know that I have success here because of your prayers and all you guys do thank you I hope that you have a awesome week and remember that God lives and loves us so  so  so very much!!(: I love you guys and hope you all have a awesome week!(: and hope you remember that anything is possible when God is on our side(: 

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