Friday, April 8, 2016

28.3.2016 Calama

So this week was awesome! So crazy but awesome we moved houses you will see all my awesome so a few things happened this week and ill start with I don't know like a list because I think its the best way I can do it so first of all this week on Tuesday I had to give my LAST testimony in the zone conference but it was so awesome to feel the spirit so strong that yeah I cried but I know that with all my heart what I said is true that thought God all things are possible that with the atonement of Jesus Christ anything is possible and if we give it our all that he will help us with the rest! 

THEN WHAT HAPPENED NEXT ILL NEVER FORGET WE WENT OUT WITH HNA DALTON!  but it was so awesome I could feel the spirit so strongly with her and when she testified the spirit was so strong it was awesome to work with her! I know that she has the spirit with her so awesome to be able to work with her and for her to go out to work with us!(: I loved it! 

also we changed our house we MOVED! sp crazy that was a stressful event and I'll tell you one thing its a bad idea to move in your mission but you know what we moved so that's cool! I guess! and now we have a new house so crazy but I love it only slept there two nights but its awesome and it was awesome to see the help of the ward so cool! I love this ward and know that thought God all things are possible I love that I have this opportunity to be here and to to have the chance to serve here I love the people here and know that with God that all things are possible!
also we had transfers! yeah so what happened is hna quintero left and hermana lorenzo from Argentina is coming here so yeah I'm excited to get to know here but if you guys didn't recognize something I'd like to let you know I think its awesome I could have companions from everywhere my first was from Brazil then Utah then Paraguay then Peru then Hawaii and then Chile and then Colombia and now Argentina so cool I'm excited I'm like enternational(: jeje I love it but yeah I hope you guys know I love you guys and I know this church is true and that with God on our side that all things are possible thanks for all you guys do and I hope you guys have a awesome week!(: with lots of love!(: 
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

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