Friday, March 4, 2016

Feb. 15, 2016

Okay so here it goes my first week in the driest city I think on earth(; jeje I'm not sure about that but its pretty dry here!(: but I am really enjoying it! to be honest its not as hot as copiapó here so that's whats getting me through it! JEJE(;

Anyways this week I have been studying in Heleman and I don't know what verse or chapter but it talks about the atonement and I love one scripture that I read a lot! because it said that the atonement saves us from our sins not in our sins  .. and the from and not in really struck me hard to know that the difference of the letters are little but the significance is huge because i learned that the only way that we can apply the atonement in our lives is if we leave our sins behind that he will help us get out of the even. but he will not save us in our sins! we have to do a little work and change and stop doing what we know is bad and ask for repentance its something that sounds so hard to do but the truth is when he is on our side that everything is easier! i loved that a lot and just wanted to share it with you guys to understand that concept that I'm sure you guys know but i just wanted to share that as well I was studying talks in the conference as well and there are all super awesome I'm loving them!! 

Something awesome that happened this week is that we de el rescate (which is we have a list of less actives and we go crazy looking for them . . .not too crazy we just knock on there door to see if they still live there) but it was awesome because we could receive references find new people to teach and live the high life(; jeje I don't know but it was awesome we kinda walked a lot but I'm enjoying it here! I love the ward they are awesome everyone is worried about us and calling to make sure that we eat and everything the ward is awesome I'm loving it our pension is little but I guess that's just the life we live right! My companion she's awesome her name is hna quintero! and she's from Columbia and she sometimes talks fast but that's okay I'm loving it! she is super awesome its fun having companions from all over the world!(: I know that God loves me so much and that even when things are hard that they are worth it for sure! I love it here so much and know that I need to be here in calama!(: that there are people here that need my help!(: thank you so much for all you guys do for me all your prayers I know I am being blessed here from all your prayers!! Thank you so much! I am so grateful for all the time I have here to be a missionary! For this opportunity that I have to be here I'm loving the missionary life and everything that comes with it! change its hard but I love it! its awesome getting to know new missionaries!(: and to see the ones I love so dearly! I know that change is for the better and that with God I know all is possible!!(: Thank you for all you guys do for me and for your help with all things all your testimonies and everything I'm so grateful!! 

I love you guys so much and hope that you guys could have a awesome week and enjoy all!!(: I love you guys so much thank you for all that you guys do and I hope that you guys have a wonderful week with lots of amazing things!! Enjoy winter for me yeah??(: jeje love you guys!!

hope that you have a awesome week!!(: love you guys tons!!(: 

lots of love!! 
Hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

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