Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 7, 2016

Yeah so I'm still here loving the mission and all! this week was awesome we could have a family home evening and I could cut the hair of 5 people . . so yeah after that I was tired but it was fun to practice cutting the hair of everyone and everything it was pretty cool I enjoyed it I learned if someone knows I can cut hair everyone would want me to cut there hair, but I just went to cute the sisters hair and I ended cutting her hair the other Hermana and the 2 kids and the husband of the sister so yeah kinda crazy but I love it! its what I love doing so why not??(: so yeah that's the service I offered this week then later i cut another girls hair so yeah it was a fun week! but in the family home evening the hno could share his testimony and really helped me to know how crazy and how we need to take advantage of having a temple close because they talked about how important it is to have goals to go to the temple and its kinda crazy because we are so lucky to have a temple so close that we could go everyday if we want to obviously we don't always have time its just that someone told the story about how a man traveled so far and didn't get to enter the temple but how happy he was that he could spent the afternoon on temple grounds so awesome to know that its so special what we can do in the temple but how strong the spirit is just outside of the temple(: its so amazing I love the temple!! 

So yeah as well this week something I learned is that if we give our all to God that he will put that  part that helps us become who he needs us to be so crazy but its true and I know that with all of my heart that we need to give it our all! I know this is true that if we pray for something and we act we will see results our conference with Elder Bednar. He talked a lot about that and how when we pray we need to put in our part because if we don't nothing will ever happen! this I learned more than ever! I know with all my heart that God will answer our prayers but I also know that if we don't act He cant help us! so the key is in our part to act!! 

Also I got to make pancakes this week for a family home evening that we had and it was awesome we also could help out cleaning the church it was a week of lots of service I love serving its pretty awesome! (: I love it here so much I know that God lives and that through the atonement of Christ we can help us when we need him and he will and is always here for us I know this with all my heart and hope that you guys know that with God all is possible and he loves us so very much I cant express his love for us in this letter but I hope that you guys know it and remember always I love you guys tons and hope you guys have a awesome week! (:
 lots of love from, 
hermana Birlyn Willden(: 

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