Saturday, March 26, 2016

fotos 21.3.2016

 yeah here is my prep for a talk . . haha so fun! study time like crazy I guess!(: also me and the little girls of less active members they are pretty awesome! They are preparing to get baptized! 

                                          more pics with the girls and our zone!(: 
                                  ahh yeah and our dinner!(: so awesome love it!(: and here are the sisters!°(:from our zone!(: 

And also Rosa and her kids so cute(: yeah my companion took this picture so this is us learning to cook while this hna made us lunch(: so fun to eat with members and those are my pictures for this week sorry now 100 but Ill be sure to take more this next week and still the ones from my companion!(: well I love you guys and hope you enjoy these for now(: 

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