Sunday, April 17, 2016

04.04.2016 Calama

So I can't actually believe its April and mas enésima (on top of that) its spring break! So awesome well here its getting colder but I couldn't say its cold its typical dessert because in the morning its cold and in the afternoon its hot so sometimes I don't know what to wear when we go out to work but I think the best is always to have a jacket in case in the night it gets cold. So that's the weather update for here in Calama its fall time but I still don't feel the fall at 4 . .it feels like summer but I guess that's just what happens right??(; jeje but yeah 

Yeah so I just would like to tell you guys a story that happened so you guys know how I cant lie right?? well I hope you do or at least that I am the worst lier in the whole world. so what happened was . .we have a member here in our ward and his wife and he wanted to play a joke on my companion as she was new but I couldn't lie to her so he was ready to act as an investigator and he had his story in mind and I told my companion what he was going to do but we decided it could be helpful to practise and also so they could feel the spirit so we walked in and acted as if he was an investigator even though we both knew he wasn't and taught lesson 1, the Restoration and it was cool and weird and I couldn't help but smile and it was funny because he acted as if he was from a different church and asked questions like he was. It was funny but it helped so much it showed that its good to practise with members because they can feel that spirit he said after thank you for teaching me because he had never received a lesson from the missionaries before and they said that they could feel the spirit so it was cool so yeah I enjoyed it and know that when teaching this lession we can and will feel the spirit! I know this to be true I know that God loves us so much and that maybe it was suppose to be a joke but it helped me realize the importance of this lession that it helps and that thorough the spirit anyone can feel it! 

So that's the funny and inspiring thing that happened this week!(: we also have plans to make this the best transfer and we are planning on going to san pedro de atacama look it up its a really high visited place here and people from all over the world come to visit so we thought it'd be cool if we went(: so we are going to go so that would be awesome when we go we will take lots of pics so you can see them!(: jejej well anyways so you know I love it here I am going crazy but I love it here there are so many people here that need the gospel in there lives and I know that I need to help them to find it!and I know I can I also know that there are people where you guys are that are waiting for you too! So always share your testimony you will never know who needs it! I know that thorough God all things are possible I loved the conference especially the talk from Elder Holland when he said NEVER GIVE UP that maybe sometimes we may not understand what is going on or why we are struggling like we are but when we put our confidence in God. I know he can make out of us something or someone that we could never do by ourselves!(: thank you so much for your examples to me and your testimonies thank you for all you guys do and hope you guys have a awesome week and don't ever forget that God loves you guys so much and that thorough him all is possible(: love you guys!! have a awesome week okay??(: keep being awesome and send me lots of pictures please(. thank you so much you guys are awesome!! 
love you guys 
hermana Birlyn WIllden(: 

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