Wednesday, April 27, 2016


yeah so first I can't believe that it will be May this week that's what I'd like to start with second today we went to san pedro de atacama so Ill be sending pictures don't worry. third this week was good and I am doing good enjoying it here in Calama the driest city on earth!!!(:

Mom asked if I could share a experience but there are so many that sometimes I just don't know what to share!!(: ha ha but yeah so this week I could go on exchanges and yeah they went really well we could find lots of people but the only thing was that I was in the sector of the hna liders but I learned the importantance I don't know if that's a word but yeah of working with members more and also talking to EVERYONE!!(: but really everyone! and it helps so much to find new people to teach its so awesome I love it!(: 
its so awesome to learn I have learned lots form the people here and learned that with God all is possible that i could go in a house and just talk to the people like I've known them my whole life and its so crazy because its hard for me i know you guys know that but for that i know that all is possible with God on our side that really he make miracles happen and i know this to be true because i could see it in my own life its so awesome i love being a missionary and having those missionary experiences everyday! I know that God lives and he loves us so much i know that with all of my heart I Love you guys so much and hope that you guys know that i hope that you guys know that I love you guys and i hope that you guys have a awesome week ( so something weird happens every time i write wonderful my fingers type awesome) so yeah anyways that's life right . . jejej well I love you guys and hope you don't forget  that okay I know I said it like 5 time s but don't forget it k??(: 

you guys are awesome!(!: 

Hermana Birlyn WIllden(: 

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