Monday, April 18, 2016


so yeah anyways I cant believe its the 18th of April! I know my English grammar is bad but its okay y'all understand right?? jeje anyways so this week was AWESOME like always! I learned a lot! 

well this week was my comps birthday and also Zarellas birthdays so yeah it was a good week and we also had interviews I love my interviews with president! So yeah that happened also the people here are awesome its weird knowing that I'm going to leave at the end of this cambio. so yeah its kinda weird its not easier well a little bit because the people are more prepared but yeah that's the life right?? anyways not talking about that anymore 

So this week was great we could find a few new people but we have visits with them for next week and so this week should be really good we are working hard helping these people here understand the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love it!! so I know that you guys know the gospel that he taught but ill re teach you guys its to have faith that Jesus is the Christ and through his atonement we can repent and be cleaned and if we have faith and repent we can make the decision to be baptized which most of you have made that decision and then after that we receive the holy Ghost and with his help we can endure to the end. its really simple but I love it and its our focus the hardest for a lot of people is to endure until the end. because it may not seam like it but it takes alot of work! to do that but I know that its possible that with the atonement of JesusChrist that all is possible that he loves us and he understands what we feel(: and how we feel and he is always here for us! 

So this week we went out to work with a joven a youth . .ya a jas yooooung single adult! and it went well we could help her a lot and while we helped her she could help us help the people here we had her help us teach the restoration and her testimony is so strong she could help them understand in a way that we never could explain to her before it was really awesome I'll just let you know that the best thing we can do with our spare time is to go out and help or pray for missionary experiences and i can testify to you guys that you will have them!(: I know God loves us so much and want us to have them but if we aren't on the same page as the spirit we cant be guided to those that he need us to help(: I know that with God all is possible and if we trust in him we can do all things i hope that you guys have a awesome week love you guys so much!(: I hope you guys don't forget that and remember that you guys are awesome I hope that you guys have a awesome week keep up the good work! keep up the grades and remember that God is gracious he loves us so much I know that he lives and loves us TONS!!! love you guys!(: keep being awesome and smile always !(: 

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