Sunday, April 17, 2016

11.4.2016 Calama

Yeah so this week was awesome ! yeah well the truth is so much passed by this week that I just cant believe it I completed 17 months as a missionary but you know that weird right? I feel like I left yesterday from home so the other day i was talking to my companion about this and she has 5 months but yeah so weird the feeling you get when you walk away from your family into the airport and didn't know where you were going or how you would get there you just had to trust in the Lord and even though I felt so alone I knew that God was there with me excited to see what I'd do! So weird the feeling that I got at this moment but I also knew that with God on my side that all is possible(: 

yeah but anyways about this week it was awesome we had lots of cool hard difficult and all in between of experiences but if I can say just one thing is that i loved it! I know that with God all is possible we could see two little girls get baptised and it was so cute they were so excited to be baptised this whole week thats all that they were talking about so crazy or no!(: jeje but yeah I loved it I love being able to be a part of seeing some people make these decisions to be baptised and the best is when you know they are enduring to the end its THE BEST!! I love it! I know that with God all things are possible 

this week wasn't the easiest of my mission but I'm learning a lot with my companion and we are working really hard here to find more people to teach! But I know that with God all things are possible and that he is here for us every step that we take thank you all for what you do for me and I hope that you guys have a awesome week and enjoy every moment! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ITS TRUE!! thank you ! 
CALAMA IS GETTING COLD BUT THATS OKAY! jeje just in the morning but in the afternoon its still hot! ahh but I do love it here even though its not the prettiest city in the world I love it the people are awesome and I know that with God that all things are possible thank you for all that you guys do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you guys have a awesome week with lots of love
hermana Birlyn WIllden(: 

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