Monday, April 18, 2016

18.4.2016 Calama fotos

 family home evening with papas!!(: jeje yummm stuffed patatos !(; yummy!(: 

 our night with Zerella we bought papas!!! fries yummmy salchis!(: yummmy(: hmmmmmmmmmmmm so fun!(: 

 their birthday so cute(: loved it(: 

 my comp doesn't like pictures too much but obviously we got to take them!(: jeje so fun!(: jeje there birthdaY!(: 

 Saying goodbye to the hna Zarella and nelly . .ahhh they are leaving for a few months so yeah . . anyways thats my week in pictures for you guys! (: love you guys and hope that you guys have a awesome week ya'll are the best!(: love you guys!(: keep being awesome love you guys(:(: have a good week(: 

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