Sunday, April 17, 2016

04.04.2016 Calama fotos

 Here are some pictures the noche de hogar y mi compeñera!(: 

 Me and Hna Sotec and me and my comp Hna Lorenzo before the conference also the Hermanas in Calama!(: we aren't many here but its awesome and I love them(: 

 my comp making toast(: jeje and us and our pancakes for general conference! also I don't remember the last pic but I hope you enjoy it(; jeje 

 ohh yeah me and hna caranine we watched the conference in english it was pretty cool(: jeje(: also last pic of me and my companion so you can see her jeje I love you guys and hope you guys know that you guys are awesome hope that you guys have a awesome week and enjoy the pics(: love you guys(: 

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