Sunday, April 17, 2016

fotos 11.04.2016 Calama

 yeah so there are a lot today so just remember a picture is worth a thousand words right so yeah(: jeje enjoy them(: 

 yeah above are some baptisms what I eat in the morning and I made 17 months . .so yeah also this is my agenda!(: 

 above are the baptism pictures!!(: yay!(:

 above are pictures we went to chui chui and here is us in the car!(: on the way !(:

 the oldest catholic church in chile! so weird and yeah(: 

 and this is the lake that has no end its like in the middle of the dessert crazy right??(: jeje so awesome or no(:

 here is me and Hermana Sotec and as 4 in front of the lake they don't know from where is!(: 

 and we saw a door on the side of the mountain . . so yeah!

yeah and that is all for today so yeah I hope that you enjoy them(: I love you guys and hope that you have a awesome week you guys are awesome love you guys tons!(: thanks for all you guys do!(: keep being awesome!(: and have a good week!(: 

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