Saturday, August 22, 2015

WE WON! jeje July 6, 2015

Okay so this week was interesting! well last week was as well the cool thing was we had a baptism but it was not ours but he was a excommunicated member and it was super awesome to see the change in him he was baptised last week and it was so amazing to see that God forgives us and will forgive us as long as we are trying our best! 

So that happened also CHILE WON THE COPA DE AMERICA SO THAT WAS COOL!!! And I watched it. . .yeah we had permission to watch it from our mission Pres! so that was pretty cool! 

This week I learned that if we pray God will always answer AND THAT SOMETIMES WE AREN'T IN THE SITUATION THAT WE EVER THOUGHT WE WOULD BE BUT YOU KNOW WHAT God knows all things and he know you he knows what you can do and if you put all of your faith in him he will ALWAYS help you. I really do mean it when I say always! I have a hard time speaking and I am sure that you all know that . .  but its like a lot harder speaking in Spanish but I know with all my heart that if I trust in the Lord our God that He will help me do anything that He needs us to do. We can do it and I know that with out a doubt that I need to be here in Chile speaking a language that now I understand and that I love and at times can speak pretty well well.  .kind of. . ha ha but I know that God loves us so much. I know that through God really anything is possible. We just need to believe i.t We don't even need to have a perfect knowledge but I know that with him we can do anything.  I really do know this with everything that  I know I defiantly have learned this here.

i just want you guys to know that when life gets hard keep pushing forward because those are the times that you will remember those are the times that not giving up comes into play that if you give up that's what you will remember forever so I just want you to keep trying and do all you can do and I know that God will do the rest. I know this with all of my heart that if we put in our whole soul that God will always help us and that is what is the most important!

Well I hope that you guys have a good week, and hope the 4th of Julio was awesome and remember that through God all is possible!
I love you guys so much and hope that you guys never will forget that! Keep being awesome and remember to apply the atonement in your lives because it works I know it does! I love you guys


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