Saturday, August 22, 2015

Just another awesome week serving the Lord.(: July 27, 2015

Okay so this week we had a lot of lessons with a lot of new people to teach.  I cant say they all went perfectly but i can say that I learned a lot and they helped me a lot as well! helped me learn how to help other people and how to teach those other people who I need to teach! and I know that God will provide a way if I do his work! 

So this week nothing too crazy like having a slumber party happened, but . .  we had intercambios and it was super awesome we talked in English and it was super weird to speak in English!! Its been a while ha ha but she was awesome and we had fun together. We ate macaroni and cheese and everything it was super good I loved it!

Also this week we had another lesion with Hermano Juan and Angelica and it went super well. They are so ready to have the gospel in there lives we gave them a book of Mormon, and the were like ohh my gosh thank you so much! That so awesome and everything it was pretty awesome to see there reasons to receive it ,and Juan said he will read it and then he will ask if its true! Its so awesome WHEN THEY SAY THAT WHEN YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO THAT  because if they truly do ask iI know they will receive a answer!!! and I know that with all my heart that if you ask God with real intent and everything HE WILL ANSWER YOU and I know this because I ASKED and HE ANSWERED ME. So I challenge you to read it and ask and I know that you as well will receive your answer, and I know that! I know this gospel is true and I know this with all of my heart and so I have learned and learned again that it is and if we trust in God anything is possible.(: 

Thank you for all that you guys do. Thank you really for all that you do and for your spirit always, and your testimonies that you always share like really thank you! You guys are so amazing and I am learning so much here and I know that if you put your faith in God that ANYTHING and I really mean ANYTHING is possible! 

So just do it put your faith in him, and act and He will always answer you! I love you guys thank you for all that you guys do you guys are the best. I hope that you guys have a awesome week please remember that I love you guys!
with lots of love 
hermana Birlyn Willden

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