Monday, August 24, 2015

Just another wonderful week Aug. 10, 2015

So this week was good. We had a lot of cool experiences! It was cool! So we did a lot of things this week .We received a reference of a little girl and she is sooo soo ready to be baptized. She just needs the lessons and stuff so I am super excited for her! Her name is Pamela! And she is so animado (excited) to be baptized. We asked her if she wanted to be, and she was like really I can be baptized! and she was just so excited, so I am super excited for her. I know that she is making the right decision! 

Also this week we had a training de zona and it was super awesome, and spiritual and all! Basically what they taught us is what we teach to everyone else that we need to apply the atonement of Christ in our lives, not only one day but everyday! And they asked the question what now? What will we do with this information that we are receiving will we just look at it or will we take the time to apply it to our lives??(: I think that that is what everyone needs is the atonement because that's what he gave to us He gave us this opportunity to be saved. He did and I know he gave me this gift as well. He knows i need it, and I know that I need it as well because it is the only way.(: and that really is beautiful! 

Its so awesome. To have the opportunity to share my testimony with those people here to share with them.That God lives and I know He does! That through HIM ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE we just have apply what He did for everyone of us in our lives! I know that its so true, and I just want you guys to know that. I want you guys to know that I to have a testimony. I as well know that our Savior lives. I know that He loves us. I know that we can live with our families forever. That He gives us trials so that we can learn and so that we may grow! I know this with all my heart and soul and maybe I am here but I would love to share my testimony across the ocean. All the way across the Americas that I know that this gospel is true ,and that I love it and I am living it! Its so beautiful. and I love it. 

So this week here in Antofagasta it rained, and it was so beautiful but here is not really prepared for those kind of things, but everything is okay! Everyone is okay just a little bit of flooding nothing happened to our apartment! But I could see that God protects us, and that he loves us so much! Thank you for all that you guys do for me. Thank you for everything your amazing I love you so much! I hope y'all have a awesome week, and remember that God is always with you and he loves you so much! I hope you have a awesome week and always remember that I love you guys have a awesome week 
with lots of love 
Hermana Birlyn Willden

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