Monday, August 24, 2015

The secret to success! Aug. 3, 2015

Okay so this week was awesome! I love the life as a missionary. do you know why? Because we get to share our testimony with everyone everyday, and when people ask what we believe we can tell them it doesn't matter if they speak in a different language of anything because we know with a surety that THIS IS TRUE: THAT GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN AND WANTS EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY! 

Okay so this week we were focusing more on working better with members, because really they are the key to eternal success! So yeah that helped us find more people to teach, and teach them more effectively! 

Okay so yeah this week was a week of trials and miracles! (i don't know if i spelled that word right) but it was amazing. So we found people to teach through those members here, so if any of you know someone who needs the missionaries don't doubt ,just help them share your testimony, because we want to help! Remember the talk that talked about ask the missionaries?? Because like really its true if you ask us ,we will answer maybe we won't know the second we ask but! its so awesome to be a missionary because I honestly feel closer to God. Its so amazing! I love the feeling! Something else that helped me this week was to trust in God. Trust that he will help us! If we want something we NEED to ask because you know wha,t if you don't ask He wont help. He knows what we need. I know He does but be humble enough to ask for His help ask Him I know for a fact that he will help us! I know it because I experienced it! And not only ask, but have the faith that He can help us.

I was reading in Ether 3, and its the story about the brother of Jared and its pretty awesome. I would recommend reading it! Because really its so beautiful! I can testify that if we do as he did if we plan a way that He can help us that God will help us. He is waiting for us!! He is waiting!! I know that! Because He waited for me, and I did as the brother of Jared and asked. But God will never do something for us that God gave us the ability to do ourselves! I know that with all my heart and soul that if we give 100 percent He will give us the same! 

This is what I learned this week, That if we don't give it all, He wont either. so just do it, and trust in the Lord because He knows all things. He will always help you! Thank you for this opportunity I have to share these things with you! I love you guys so much and hope that you have a awesome week 
ENJOY IT! Thank you for everything! I love you guys and keep smiling and being awesome I love you! 
with lots of hugs from Chile( me )  to you
Hermana Birlyn WIllden

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