Saturday, August 22, 2015

Here is me and the dog that doesn't look like it belongs in the desert, but it is here in the desert and this one is super fat. . .hahah super funny! haha he cant really walk but actually its sad. .  but he should probably be somewhere more cold I think!

And then there is this girl who drew a picture of me because I made them brownies and they liked them I think(; haha
Also did I already tell you that CHILE WON well l I think I did so yeah they did win and its was a very intense game. I watched it and everything and the Chiliens are crazy when it comes to futbol . . . so yeah anyways they won and they keep telling us about it so that is why I am telling yalll about it as well now at least you guys know! And I hope you enjoy my pictures! I love you guys and hope you guys have a awesome week okay??(: 
love you guys

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