Saturday, August 22, 2015

My first week with Hermana Sotec!

So this week was super awesome like really was all a huge adventure! like really the craziest adventure ever! 

so Ill make a list of what happened and hopefully y'all understand!
1. We traveled across all of Antofagasta . . and Antofagasta isn't small . . 
2. We had a slumber party. . well not really but kind of!
3. We called every one with the title investigator in our phone (now that was cool) 

Well and a lot more but at this moment I cant remember them all but I hope that you know that the adventures were awesome I learned a few things from the first if you don't have your direction in mind you will get lost so you need to know what your goal is or you will never get there so put goals make them! And its not just about the destination its about the journey maybe micros aren't super awesome but its okay because if we do all that we can and have are goal that we will learn!

We had a conference this week on Thursday morning, and it was super awesome! The spirit was there super strong and I learned a lot. I learned that it doesn't matter how good we think that we are, but we can always be better not to be sad or anything, but if we keep trying we can always be better. Its not to discourage us but to help us to be better to become more like God! its so awesome that he helps us in all times to become more like God and he gave us his son so if we learn from him we can do all things we just need to put our faith in him and use the atonement of Jesus Christ and we can live with God again and I know that we can be! 

this week was so awesome and i love being a missionary just remember that I love you guys and hope that you guys have a awesome week and remember that okay??(: okay love you guys!
your the best
Hermana Birlyn WIllden

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