Saturday, December 13, 2014

 Dec. 10, 2014
Okay so we have one week left, and this last week was crazy because the district that got here a week prior to us getting here is gone.  It makes me so sad because I loved them especially our work out buddies! But that's okay! because I know I'll see them again when they play for BYU football or rugby so it will be okay I know it!!! Anywhos well we got to watch the Christmas Devo and it was so amazing it talked a lot about how if we look unto him in every though doubt not fear not I know that if we put our trust in the lord we will be okay!!! like really we will be more than just okay we will be blessed so we just need to turn to him and we will accomplish all things!!! i know that all things are possible if we just believe! I have been so blessed with the people that are here in my life and I know that I am so greatful for all the things!!

Okay so anywho this week we have had a lot of things but also I feel like I just wrote you guys! There was testimony meeting this week and I enjoyed it very much even though it was all in Espanol. I know I only have one more that I will kind of understand until I will be thrown into basically a new language but it will be okay because God will bless me for the effort I put in!!! umm. . 

This week I taught some elders how to do some ballet and it was pretty fantastic! I'll send you the pictures attached to this email!! But yeah they are some silly elders that are dear to my heart!!I know that we will be blessed from our work and honestly I feel like here the same thing happens every week I learn more espanol and I get to experience more trials but its okay because I know that God is with us always and he would NEVER put us through something we couldn't endure. 

ummmm so this week I figured out how AMAZING things are her like really they are so amazing its so crazy!! like I love it here so much and the other day me and my comp were just going back and forth with scriptures and just telling each other what they meant to us and I realized something amazing. This is the only place in the world where if you were just sitting at a table you could get down on your knees and pray and no one would judge you. This is the only place that the spirit is protecting us 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and I cant imagine not having this in my life if you haven't gotten a chance to serve a mission do it because I highly recommend it its so amazing and it is hard but it is totally 200 percent worth it I know its going to just get harder but I know that God will bless me with the little things that will help me through all the days!!

I love you guys very much don't forget me you are amazing!! Your always in my prayers!!

Hermana Willden (Birlyn)

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