Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014
I'm here in my mission it is so amazing I love it my compenera donde Brasil and she speaks Portuguese and Spanish of course!
I love it it is so hard but I love it I am on the coast in aquqi ( Iquique)
I think is the name we had to open this area so its a lot about getting to know the members so that we can get references from them! but we got this one reference and it was pretty awesome because we went there and the people were so excited to hear from us it was amazing!
Also we were street contacting and we ran into this family and they didnt speak spanish so I was like ohh good and I just told him all about what we had to say and it helped me realize I do know what I am doing I just need to learn the language it is important! umm yeah well I really did have a good week its been kinda a really long one with the traveling and everything but besides that its been good.
on sunday I had to introduce myself to everyone and it was pretty crazy I just told everyone where I was from and yeah it was fun I  guess I am learning so much from my companion she is very nice I love her she helps me a lot with all that I need help with!
 Thanks for being so amazing I love you so much you are amazing!!

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