Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec. 2, 2014
So this week has been awesome as always on Wednesday my district got to be the welcoming committee and it was awesome!!! We also got to help this one girl who was struggling so much she flew home the next day which makes me sad because she wasn't able to feel all the things we have here and how strong the spirit is always here like it is truly so amazing here I cant even explain it and on Thursday we got to have thanksgiving in Mexico it was so crazy like really!!! We had pumpkin pie and everything it was awesome!!! We also got to listen to elder Bednar and he talked about doing the little things those are really the things that matter and how we need to just open our mouth and the words will come and its hard to believe I know but even in Spanish I have a hard time knowing the right things to say also it really is all about the little things just remembering what you need to say and that everything is awesome here and life may be hard but it will be worth it!! umm and Thurday was just so amazing I loved it!!! So much it really was so awesome!!! Friday was just a normal day me and my companion had a lesson and I feel like we brought the spirit there so strongly it was so amazing how much this lady wouldn't listen and so we just started asking her about her church and getting to know her and it just helped us so much! On Saturday we pretended to be someone that needs the gospel in there life and it was hard because honestly I wish I could just have had them there to listen to the spirit that was there things here are so amazing I love it so much the spirit is always here so strong and I truly am amazing how Gracious God is. he is truly so amazing!!!Sunday I gave a talk and it was in Spanish the whole thing the hard thing is not knowing what your saying when you wrote it you knew but not when i read it all I could feel was how the spirit works and how strong I felt it as I read the words that I had written!!! on Monday afternoon class like at 3 we went was off subject and talked about how God wouldn't ever put us in a situation where we couldn't dwell He love s us so much and cares about us a lot this mission isn't easy and I haven't gotten to the hard part but everyday I remember how amazing things went here and remember everything is amazing I am so grateful!!! I love life here so much it is so amazing!!! I am so grateful for the support you have given to me you all are amazing never forget it and have a good first week of Decembre!!! k?? love you!

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