Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nov. 25, 2014

Umm I don't know sense its not really a Mexican holiday but I'm sure we will sense most of us are here are American!!! Did you get the letters I sent you!!!! Its better everyday its so hard!!! I know!!! umm so I was sick on Wednesday and I sent you a mind message but if you didn't receive it I told you I love you so much thanks for all you do and have done for me it was so weird to go to the doctor to see what to take and that I was missing classes but I love you you are so amazing!!! Yeah that's awesome! I took some money out of my accout 500 pacos which I have no idea how many us dollars is but I bought a scripture case and a skirt that's so cute!! and it has pockets. tell Vanessa or Sarah now that I think about it im thinking it was Sarah  I got her dear elder letter which was pretty awesome it was my first!!(= I'd email her to let her know but I don't have it!!! And yeah it was awesome and very nice I cant wait to get the letters from you guys!!! I love you so much and sorry this came late today we just went to the temple today so yeah just a little later than usual!! Thanks for being so awesome I love you so much!!! Your amazing I'm glad to hear the blog went up!!1 I love you!!!

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