Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 10, 2014

 So these elders are my favorite people that were in the ccm well yeah pretty much they are so amazing and have such amazing testimonies!!!
 Well here is our selfie I thought you would want the one focused on me so yeah . . (= love you guys!!!
 Thanks for the cinnomon rolls me and my romates finished them today and I ate 4 so yeah thanks I loved them def not as good as yours!!!

So today we went on the roof of a big building and it was pretty fantastic view up there!!! I loved it and enjoyed it very much so I'm just going to share this with you!!! I love you guys!!
so yes I did play ping pong no I didn't win but i sure did try!!! I love you guys still don't forget it!
Its still Christmas here in the CCM and I love it here kinda a ton just if you were wondering its kinda amazing here like really though!!!! Thought I needed a picture with the nativity set so yeah awesome right???(=

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