Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec. 2, 2014 CCM

 Mission map ohh and Elder Wilson decided he wanted to be a part of this picture so that's pretty awesome!!! Also FYI we can only take pictures here on P day so yeah that's why I'm always wearing like the same outfit in all them pictures(=
 ummm so this is what I eat for breakfast like everyday its kinda the best thing ever also I have to get all the nutella in before I leave here so yeah its great!!!
 So this is what our bed looked like this morning pretty much only looks like this after we do our laundry but I promise we keep the room clean mom . . .I love you!!!
 So its Christmas here and there was a tree so obviously had to take a picture its kinda fantastic I love it here so much and no snow its about 70 all day every day!(= just kidding winter is coming slowly but surly!!!
 So we have this store and its called the Tienda which means store in Spanish kinda lame huh? Well its okay I guess hahah ummm we are a little tired of this being the only place we can buy stuff but life goes on I guess still eat em Chokies all the days!!
So today we went to the play ground and got to play with the cutest little girl who doesn't speak english so she taught me all kind of things it reminded me of playing wth londyn she was 6 but still I played peek a boo the universal game and she just laughed at me trying to talk to her but I sure did try!! It just made me want to learn Espanol that much more so that I could play with the little kids!!!! ahh it was amazing!

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