Monday, December 29, 2014

 Dec. 29, 2014
Okay christmas was great I will send a voice recording next week because it is a lot easier that way! And maybe you guys enjoy listening to them so any ways this week was good! Christmas was good. Some days we don't enter anyone's homes but its okay because Saturday we entered every home we knocked ones door and it was so amazing. I taught my very first lesson it was so crazy!! perro I enjoyed it very much! I felt the spirit guiding the lesson the whole time it was amazing! We bought Christmas lights and hung them up in our apartment and it was pretty awesome! Also we are in the richest part of the mission and its crazy because the members will just give us a lot. There was a missionary who she loved this area so much she came back to it and has been helping us a lot with our lessons its really amazing she knows this area and we are getting to know it very well its hard but it is definitely worth it! I love listening to the spirit it is always here with us and I know that God is so gracious he loves me so much! My companion is so afraid my camera is going to get stolen so we only take pictures in the apartment but that's good I think! umm I love the little kids that know as much Spanish as I do because we just talk with body language they are so amazing and have the spirit with them all the time! I am excited because new year we have to go in by 9 and go to bed at 11:30 so more time to read the book of Mormon and write in my journal!!! I love this place its so crazy! Also I'd think I was a celebrity here because everyone stares at us as we walk down the street its so crazy!! I think its funny! My companion says its because my hair is blond but who knows well I know that's why but its still funny!!! Anyways I love you guys you are so amazing!!! I love you so much never forget it okay??? I know God loves you and that he always is here for you and if you ever need anything you just need to pray!! He is always here for you! I promise!!  Just keep praying always!!! I love you guys I'll talk to you guys next year!"! we will email you!!! Your amazing never forget this okay????

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