Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just some awesome pictures Sept 20, 2015

 so basicly what happened is we participated in a tug a war contest and yeah we didn't win but at least we tried right dad. .(: I think you would be the most proud of me for participating(; jeje ohh it was 18 of sept! Its like independence day at home! It was awesome! also lots of pictures with me and flags and all! fun day!

 okay and here are the rest I believe I hope that you enjoy them and hope that you have a awesome week and know that through God that all things are possible I love you guys so much and hope that you guys have a awesome wonderful week! i love you guys! have a week with lots of exito!! success! 

But you know what I finally have my carnet chileno! So cool I think jaja.I am in front of a members store with a chileno flag!Iits pretty cool right??(: haha! well still hope you guys have a aweomse week and that all is well!! love you guys tons and never forget that! 
with lots of love
hermana Birlyn Willden

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