Monday, September 7, 2015

Just a week of sucess!! Aug 31, 2015

Okay so this week was so awesome! We saw so many miracles and the results of our work here we were privileged to see the baptisms of anahi y Valentina and also on Sunday the baptism of Pamelitta and Vicente! They were so amazing to see and everyone of the left the water clean! I know that really the power of baptism is so amazing that it works and I know that it does I have seen how it helps people young and old! I know that God knows those who are ready and He blesses us to find them!! 

So yeah I know and I was a little sick this last week, but its all better well almost now! And I know that God is helping me! that I am here in the mission field and I am working and I am loving it! Everyday I see his help in my life! I got to give a talk in church this Sunday in Spanish in front of the biggest ward in my mission there were 231 people there. That doesn't sound like a lot compared to Utah but really it is a lot for here in Chile! But yeah anyways I spoke to them and I spoke about the being debil! of having debilidades! I don't remember the word in English I think its the same but if not translate. . .jeje awkward. .  anyways not important but I remembered a quote that said that the only requirement to have a dream is to believe in it, and I shared how we need to believe in our dreams and some of those things that can be in our was are our debilidades! and yeah I know that if we apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives that we can be strong that He will always help us and I know that this is true that he is always helping me. ALWAYS I mean it really he is just waiting! We just need to open the door because if we don't he cant help! So just invite him in to help you! I know that this is true and I testified of him to the people here! And it was super awesome! I know that this is true that He will always help us! And I know that God loves us and always helps us! I know that it is true and I hope that you guys have a awesome week! You guys are awesome!! and I hope that you guys have lots of fun this week and all! 

con mucho amor 
hermana Birlyn Willden 

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